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  1. Hello- Try these http://www.axis.com/products/video/camera/index.htm Rick
  2. Housing is sold Still have camera $250 Rick
  3. Ikelite TTL housing #6807 for Nikon D70. Housing has been serviced by Ikelite ~50 dives ago. Tray and housing only, no ports. Nikon D70 excellent cosmetically and functionally battery and charger included. $500 for Housing $250 for Camera $750 for both Buyer pays shipping of choice!
  4. Hello- You have to slide the hot shoe connector back about a 1/16", this disconnect one of the contacts. Some people use a plastic shim. Also you have to smash down the aluminum rails that guide the hot shoe connector, so it wont wiggle around. Rick
  5. "assuming" everything you say is true, it's a bad part. Either they blew the alloy and or the coating/ anodizing process, not really that uncommon. Rick
  6. Hello Raw converter resolution only changes picture dimensions on import, not resolution. "Size" will change resolution/ number of pixels. Resize/ re sample after cropping and deciding what print size you want, usually. Rick
  7. Alex- A photographic eye! Who makes it? How much does it cost? Where can eye get one? Rick
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