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  1. i have one.


    it is ok. the dynamic range is great for topside stuff.

    underwater i am so used to my d200, i keep getting my controls screwed up. Besides, the three color histogram on the d200 is so much better than the S5. I hate having to scroll thru.

  2. Hi everyone,


    Me and my wife will traveling to Fiji (Beqa Lagoon Resort) via Air Pacific thru LAX at the end of February. Has anyone had any recent experience with this airline, specifically the carry-on number and weight restrictions?


    Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. If this has already been asked my apologies.


    Thanks, Jim



    I was just there in September. I had two 60 pound check in bags, plus one peli 1510 and a filled computreker. I managed without a problem, but i definitely recommend checking their website before you go to see if they have made any changes to their weight restrictions.


    Air Pacific is fine. 10 hours from LAX to Nadi is not bad.


    have fun.

  3. I think my friend's reaction says this best.


    For the last couple of years I have been telling her about shark-finning, the plight of the whales and turtles. No real reaction. When she saw the footage of the dolphins on national TV, she cried.

    It was because "dolphins are so cute".


    I'm glad the dolphin hunt is getting some limelight, but it seems that joe-public doesn't care.

  4. just picked up my macbook pro 15" on Friday.


    They will probably announce a new laptop soon, especially since i just bought mine. But seriously, since they are about to announce Leopard, they are probably going to up the processor and other stuff. O well, i needed it because my thinkpad was dying.

  5. ... if you get a drop/drip on the circuit, even when it dries, there will be some salt left behind. In high humidity this absorbs enough moisture to short the circuit and trigger the alarm


    i didn't realize that salt is left behind when it dries, and with high humidity it will absorb moisture that will trigger the alarm. That is exactly what happened to me in Sipadan. I am going to try to soak the contacts in fresh water, hopefully it will clean out the salts. Any other suggestions? Dilute vinegar?

  6. I have had that problem with my Subal D200 housing. It was a problem in the Philippines. Sent it to Fred at UWphototech. They checked it out. No problems. Went diving in Sipadan. The light started blinking once i got there. I think it is the humidity of the location. So, now I have fixed the problem permanently - no battery, no blinking. I think it is a design problem.


    I will try it again once i get home to see if i can fix it.

  7. I have a prescription mask, which you can buy at any dive shop.


    Recently, I have been checking out the hydrooptix



    their premise is that you can see underwater without contacts as long as you are nearsighted.

    they claim that people with 20/20 vision have gotten contacts to make themselves nearsighted, so they can use this mask.


    my local shop that carried this just went out of business, so i have stopped looking. Check it out.

  8. SD


    I think most people will agree that using two strobes is better than one. It removes the shadows that you see on the opposite side of your subject from the strobe.


    I used to shoot a D200 in an Ikelite housing with dual DS125. The TTL converter on the Ike housing is spot on. Basically all you will need at this point is a dual sync cord, an extra arm set, and make sure your DS125 are the "updated ones" - check their website for serial numbers, and you are good to go. If your strobes are not updated, then you can still shoot manual.


    Use the same setup for wideangle. Possibly with longer arms if you have them. I used 5 and 8 inch arms on each side for both macro and wa.

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