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  1. Karl


    I completely agree.


    I think Ikelite has definitely the best value.

    a great product and great customer service.


    I think the other manufacturers are going to need to step make their housings more affordable. I have my D100 housing for exactly one year and I have already upgraded. It is getting really expensive to upgrade all the time.


    btw: are you planning on keeping your old housings? Are you planning on using them as backup? My D100 housing may soon be in the classified section.

  2. Hey Karl.


    I just talked with Ryan at Reef Photo when I ordered an Ike D200 housing. He said you guys went out last wknd.


    How is the new housing? I'm hoping to get mine before going to Caymans at the end of the month.


    How did you like the DS200? I guess with the DS125 you can either shoot ISO200 with f8 or ISO 100 with f5.6. Did you notice a difference shooting ISO200 compared to ISO100? Any change in sharpness?

  3. I have the LowePro CompuTrekker Plus AW. Great backpack. With camera, lens, laptop, etc., it gets really heavy.


    Each time I get on the plane, I try to "act" like the bag is light.



    I am definitely running out of space.

    All of my gear including luggage: housing, strobes, camera, laptop, scuba gear weigh 125pounds, with about 5 pounds of clothes and personal items. Has anybody tried to ship stuff to the destination before going?

  4. i just got back after putting my pelican into a duffle bag wrapped in my dirty laundry. TSA asked me to unzip the bag and after seeing the laundry, they poked at it with a pen and said to move on.


    this is the same group of people who asked me about my two bottles of rum. I said - what my twin DS-125 special blended strobes?



  5. i emailed Christian Wekamp at christian.weikamp@heinrichsweikamp.com


    this is his email back to me re: a D-TTL converter for the D100.

    i'm planning on just using manual, but you can check it out. good luck





    We finished the development of the OEM converter for the Nikon D-TTL


    The converter is available now.


    BUT Nikon's requirements on the strobe for this type of TTL (D-TTL) are

    quite hard. In numbers: several preflashes triggered every 200


    This is not possible with the DS-125.

    We used Subtronic's brand new Mini for our tests.


    with kind regards,

    Christian Weikamp

  6. i just got back from weeks at Roatan and Grand Turk with my new UW D100 setup.

    It was my first pictures and I am fairly pleased.


    My question for all of you guys with websites -


    I'm putting together my website right now, mainly to show to friends.


    What quality size pictures do you do? I would prefer not to make the pictures too small or poor in quality.


    how do you protect your pictures? Do you watermark? What program do you guys use? I just started using Picasa from Google. A free program that does basic functions for color, saturation. It also sets up a "website friendly" page that is very easy to use.



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