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  1. I'm in the Philippines right now.


    3rd dive ever with a Subal D200. The leak indicator light started blinking half way during the dive.

    The camera is ok. The housing looks ok. But I can't seem to get the leak indicator light to stop blinking.

    I have removed the battery. Dried it both with compressed air as well as air dried. Put the battery back in, it still blinks! The circuit board looks ok. No brown stuff coming from it.


    Do I need to replace the circuit? I normally would send it back, but this is the first day diving for a two wk trip.


    Please Help! I could dive without the battery in, but then i lose the benefit of knowing when i have a leak.

    I had pressure tested the housing yesterday with no camera. The 1st dive this AM was with the same setup with no leak. I didn't make any changes or adjustment before the 2nd dive. Luckily it was a slow leak, but still....

  2. I'm trying to put a zoom gear on the Nikon 17-55. I can get it on the rubbery portion of the lens, but I can't get the zoom dial on the housing to engage. Looks like I will need to push the zoom gear a little further in. I worked on this for awhile, and it won't budge. Any suggestions?

  3. the best is if Subal would build a slightly longer port for the 105VR.


    the other option is just to use the 20mm extension and shoot auto.

    I did it using my old Ikelite (D200 and 105VR) setup.

    A little more tedious, but it works.


    btw: it seemed that Ryan had taken apart the diopters before. He said it was no big deal to take off and put back together. You can ask him if you are interested.

  4. I have a friend who tried a 20 mm extension ring (milled out a little to accomodate the size of the 105VR) with the subal 105VR port. It adds enough space to put any diopter (either 5T or 6T). However, he was not able to use the manual focus. Apparently the gear did not contact the focus ring on the lens.


    I have talked to Ryan about this, one option is to take the diopter off its ring and attach the diopter directly to the lens. I wasn't too excited to take my expensively acquired diopter (from ebay) apart.


    So that is where I am at for now.

  5. First off - congratulations to all who placed.


    Going to the discussion with diver versus the whale...

    I think that one important thing to consider is your audience.


    If you show either image to an UW photographer compared to the general public, there will always be a difference in opinion. An UW photographer will always take into consideration the rarity of the occurrence, the difficulty in getting the shot, - because that person has experienced it.


    the general public looks at these images and it evokes a completely different response.


    I don't know the judges, but certainly their criteria is truly up to them. However, if you give these two pictures to a hundred people (randomly selected - say at the shopping mall), you will certainly get completely different responses.


    Reminds me of my favorite manta ray shot in Kona. I showed it to many people. But I get more ooh and aahs from my crappy 320x240 resolution video from my Canon SD550. Pisses me off, but like they say, beauty (and art) is in the eye of the beholder.


    Now, I need to get back to my beer......

  6. too bad, it seems like Fuji was ahead of the game in 04, and now even Nikon has surpassed them.


    I have a trip to the Philippines in two wks.

    I need to figure this out....



    it might end up being on a coin flip.

    sad way of making a purchase.


    so, when is the D3 coming out?..........


    which reminds me, obviously different cameras and price points, but how is the dynamic range of the D2X compared to the Fuji cameras?


    just curious.

  7. The other consideration is that street price is about $400 cheaper for the D200.


    Looking at the specs, the S5 looks almost like a slightly upgraded S3.

    The S3 and the S2Pro were great cameras, but that was two years old tech.


    To me, the main added benefit of the S5 is the dynamic range. Is it that much better for landscape and portraits to justify the purchase.


    I think some of the other guys have tried the S5 UW on this forum. But I haven't seen any reviews from the usual suspects (ie, Ken Rockwell, Thom, DPreview, luminous landscape).


    I am a bit surprised that Fuji hasn't come out with something sig better. I think the only reason we are talking about this camera is because it used the D200 body and it fits in my housing. Otherwise, I would have completely ignored it.

  8. I am shooting a D200 in a Subal Housing.


    I am trying to decide which (another D200 or a S5) to purchase as a backup camera.

    The second camera will be used for topside.


    Another consideration, if I do get a S5, which camera do i use for uw and topside.


    Any recommendations?

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