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  1. My first time printing pixs.


    My setup.

    LaCie 21 inch LCD

    Macbeth eye one display 2

    photoshop CS2 on a IBM-compatable platform

    adobe color space

    HP B9810 printer

    HP advanced satin matt paper 13x19"


    so i have calibrated the monitor.

    used the photoshop print plug in for photoshop.


    my problem:

    the prints for landscape and people look amazing.

    the problem is when i try to print vibrant underwater colors.

    i can't get the near fluorescent colors (especially the greens) on fish and soft coral to pop.

    the colors especially the green on the print do not match the monitor.


    what am i doing wrong?

    any suggestions?


    I have recalibrated. I have not tried new paper yet.

    I have looked at the print in different light and it looks good, just not quite matching the monitor.



  2. Jeff.


    I'm staying with my D200.

    I got enticed by the shiny Subal viewfinder.


    Have you bought the 5D?


    I'm not sure if I will be going back for photo week 07.

    It is in June. Not the best time for me.

    I have that week at Sipadan, so let me know if you are thinking of going back another time during 07.



  3. Hi everybody.


    doing some upgrading. I am selling my entire Ikelite setup except for the strobes and arms. I have a well loved Ikelite D200 housing. It has 50 dives on it. This is a great setup. I used this to win best of show and a couple of 1st places at UW photo wk in Sipadan.





    Ikelite D200 - #6812 $1,500.00


    Ikelite ports

    #5503.15 Nikon 10.5mm (BRAND NEW) $150.00

    #5502.41 Nikon 60mm $120.00

    #5505.46 Nikon 105mm VR $200.00

    #5503.50 Nikon 12-24 (BRAND NEW) $150.00

    #5503.55 Nikon 17-35 $150.00

    Ikelite 8" dome without shade $300.00

    5510.1 super wide body stalk $125.00

    5510.22 12-24mm body $150.00


    strobe cords

    4103.52 Digital TTL Housing to 2 DS substrobes $160.00 each

    2 of these (one is brand new - it was my backup)


    Total retail = $3,165.00 - give me an offer.


    I would like to sell the whole thing as a package if possible. I have some extra stuff - o-rings, lube, etc which I will also throw in.


    Basically add some arms, strobes, camera, lens and this is all you will need.


    thanks Larry

    some sample pixs.


  4. Hey Jim.


    welcome back. good diving with you at KBR. Looks like you bought that VR lens ;)



    in reply:

    I had a great experience at KBR. But then that was the only place I have been in that area. I thought the food was good, the diving was spectacular, and the rooms were above average. I have been to many dive locations, and I would certainly want to come back to KBR. I certainly would not have left before my vacation was over.


    Essentially, expectations didn't meet reality. I think people just need to realize that the areas where the diving is incredible, also tend to be far off 3rd world countries where electricity and running water were put in not so long ago. One could always go to a nice swanky resort with all of the amenities, but then the iving may suck.


    my $0.02

  5. i have had the same problem with my D200/Ikelite housingTTL/ dual DS125.

    except my batteries were charged up.

    I was told by Ryan at Reef Photo that Ikelite had a problem with the exposure meter turning off and causing this problem. i set the meter to never turn off and I havent had the problem since.

    I sent the housing back to Ikelite, and they were not able to fix the problem.


    give that a try.

  6. I have used freediving fins, and they are faster.


    But I tried them in the Galapagos, and they were not the pair to use.


    for all of the speed advantages, the disadvantages were great.

    First, the fins were like a big sail in the current

    second, the extra drag because of the scuba tank and the camera systems practically negated any speed advantage you may get.


    I will have to try the fins in a different environ without the current running.

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