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  1. the problem with the photo vest is that it says photo vest for all would be thieves.


    i use a big Lowepro computrekker.

    it swallows my laptop, camera, lenses, mask, reg, plus reading material

    with all of the weight, i try not to look like i have a lot of crap in the bag when i check in

    it has worked so far

  2. One of the things I constantly struggle with these days is feeling like my 2 year old camera is obsolete and that I need to update...


    That's a great point. Those pixs look great even with "old" technology. Of course, after I just upgraded from the D100 to the D200......... :)

  3. I have the Canon SD550.


    it is a great small point and shoot. For underwater, i got the $150 housing from Canon. It will never take the same quality of picture that I have taken with my D200, but I like it for its small size. I have taken this camera and left it in my BC pocket on many of my recent dives. On a recent Manta dive in Kona, the batteries on my strobes started to go, so I switched to the SD550. The videos (pretty basic resolution) still have a nice wow factor when I show it to friends.


    I agree with James, but I think you just need to figure out how much you want to spend and how much you want to get into this obsession. Many of us have setups that are in the $10k+ range with the cameras, lens, housing, strobes. This setup only cost me $550 and it takes minimal space in the travel bags.


    Btw: if you buy a housing from Canon make sure the depth rating is for scuba diving depth and not for snorkeling.

  4. Mike


    that is a sick deal.


    I flew Cathay pacific to Hong Kong several times. Granted it was about 10 years ago, but they are a quality outfit. I prefer Singapore Airlines, but Cathay is the next in line in my book for flying to Asia.

  5. Eric,


    i'm definitely ready for a group buy.

    i was about to call newegg to purchase, but if you can get a group buy, i'll do that instead.


    I now recommend loading hot spares into RAID configurations, so when a drive dies the RAID is automatically rebuilt.



    can you explain that for a layman?


    also, if the files are corrupted, isn't RAID 5 supposed to help prevent that? if you chkdsk that will just tell you there are corrupted files, but you won't be able to recover your corrupted files right?

  6. I was planning on getting a RAID, so here's a question for you guys.


    what's the difference between the NAS with the 4 drives and the LaCie with 5 drives. Do you get better protection with the extra drive? Is it worth the cost?


    Just thinking out loud, the NAS with 4 drives plus an extra external USB drive would give you some portable redundancy, so is that the way to go?


    Hey Eric, any chance of another group buy?

  7. The company owns three different liveaboard operations.


    There is the Blackbeard and the Cat Ppalu - both are sailing type ships.

    The Aquacat is their premium liveaboard.


    I was on the Aquacat last January. It was my first liveaboard, and it was plush!

    Nice boat, plenty of space, and great crew.


    The dive deck was really nice. plenty of space for equipment and a big camera table. plenty of electric plugs for the chargers. Nice warm showers on the dive deck.


    The food was good - 3 meals a day, plus drinks at night.l


    we did 5 dives a day.

    One planned shark dive where they brought down a chum-sicle.

    The captain we had - Captain Ron is an excellent photographer - still uses his Nikonas cameras. They also have a photo contest for the wk. I even managed to win best of the week!


    I highly recommend the Aquacat. The Blackbeard and the Cat Ppalu are fairly small boats, and from talking to the Aquacat crew, they said those boats were crowded, also they don't do as many dives per day. But they are good depending on your budget.


    hope that was helpful.

  8. congrats on your new housing.


    I have the dual DS-125 and I highly recommend it.

    With the dual strobe you can have a more homogenous lighting left to right(especially at farther distances) from your subject. The DS50 is a very good strobe but you will probably want to upgrade that right after you buy it. Besides if you want less fill lighting, just dial back the power on the strobes.


    I travel with my two DS-125, one extra battery, and one charger. The extra battery allows me some redunancy. The moment i get out of the water, i start charging one of my "used" batteries. So by the end of the surface interval i have two fully charged batteries and the remaining "used" battery is charging waiting for me when i resurface. It works well.


    O yeah, another cost to consider is the dual strobe cord versus the single strobe cord, when you add on the other strobe.

  9. Hey guys.


    I upgraded to a housed D200.

    so now I have to sell my well cared for equipment. I figure I would put it on here before selling on ebay.


    I have an Ikelite D100 housing, bought a year ago, and never flooded.

    I had the bulkhead replaced and upgraded by Ikelite because I didn't like the crimp it was putting on my strobe cable. The new bulkhead is just like the new D200 housing and comes off at an angle. -- $800


    2 Ikelite Manual EV Controllers. -- $80 each


    Ikelite 5503.15 dome port for the Nikon 10.5mm or 16 mm fisheye lens. , used once -- $80.


    Thanks for looking.



  10. That's wierd.


    are you shooting manual? If you were shooting aperature or shutter priority then the metering is at least correct.


    if it only happened when you were shooting with the strobe, I would say you haven't allowed enough time for the strobe to recharge.


    Does this happen on the topside?

  11. I am using www.smugmug.com

    it is pretty good.


    i have not printed any pixs from there yet.

    i do like it's interface. it is easy to use and very easy to customize.

    here is my website: www.lchan.smugmug.com


    they have a professional level that allows you to essentially allow anybody to purchase your pixs with a click. You set the price, and the website takes care of the rest, printing, shipping...


    check it out.


    if you like... you can use my code: Wd5UabPuaxc2A to say I referred you.

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