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  1. I have never used the weight for either the Ikelite D100 or D200 housing.


    I have my bags stripped down to the absolute minimum.


    One Costco bag - BCD, wetsuit, fins, clothes, etc. -- 50 pounds.

    One Pelican 1610 (I know some people have had theft issues)

    I put my housing, 2 strobes, ports, chargers, etc. -- 50 pounds.


    One carry on Lowepro computrekker - camera, 3-4 lenses, laptop, reg, and mask. -- no idea how much this weighs (probably 25-30 pounds). I try to fly under the radar and make it not seem like it is really big and heavy and thus haven't had to check it in yet.


    see this thread: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5814


    have fun.

    I was just in Cayman Brac last wk. The water is incredibly flat with great visibility. I was on the plane with a couple who had just gotten off the Aggressor IV. They had an incredible time.

  2. I just received my copy from Amazon UK.


    Congrats Alex,

    What a great book.


    I showed it to my parents last night.

    They finally understand why I love to dive.

    They are also going to try snorkeling on their next trip to Hawaii.


    This book really helps to bridge that gap between divers and the general public.

    Congrats again.

  3. I just got back from Cayman Brac.


    I was using my brand new D200 in an Ikelite housing. My old dual DS-125s and strobe cable from my old D100 Ikelite setup.


    It turns out my strobe cable at the attachment to the bulkhead has some faulty wiring. Most likely due to the wear and tear of the cable. In my old D100 setup (with no TTL), the flash would fire with manual flash settings. The new setup, the TTL would sometimes default and not fire ( this is associated with positioning of the cable). So without another cable, I switched to manual settings on the flash and the camera.


    Still, I had about half of the photos not manually flash. The pics exif files said "TTL settings" for the ones that had insufficient flash, and "flash not attached" for the manual and sufficient flash. What am I doing wrong? I had the flash set to full (non TTL), and the camera set to manual flash. The only thing I can think of that I didnt' consciously set was the manual/ttl dial on the back of the housing. I don't know what the setting was when I was taking the pixs. Does it make a big difference?


    My plan now is to get the cable fixed and make sure I have an extra cable for the next trip! But I would still like to get an answer for the future.


    Also, has anybody tried to fix their strobe cables? I'm going to send mine back to Ikelite, but on a trip, are you SOL?

  4. Well, there goes another magazine I won't be getting!


    But, this brings up an interesting point.


    What should we (or I as an amateur) be looking for to make sure we protect our rights? Digital is so easy these days to copy and paste. What are our copyrights? How do we protect ourselves from infringement.


    There are so many photo contests out there. Without knowing any legal mumble jumble, what should we be looking for in the fine print to make sure we still retain the rights ( and possible compensation) to our pixs?

  5. This is like my birthday, xmas, all rolled into one!


    I just received my Ikelite D200 housing from Reef Photo.

    It's so shiny...... I'll put it to good use this wknd in the Caymans.



    I just wanted to post - Big Kudos and Many thanks to Ryan and the guys at Reef Photo.

    This is truly a great shop. Nice and very knowledgeable people.


    thanks again.


  6. Pat.


    you have an excellent book. I am waiting for my 3rd edition copy from Amazon.


    I have been shooting pixs for a year and my biggest inspiration has been looking at fellow member's galleries. I try to evaluate each picture I like to see why I liked it. What makes these pictures special.


    The nice thing about digital is that you are really only limited by the amount of air in your tank. Take a bunch of pictures of the same scene. When you review them at night, you can see what worked and what didn't.

  7. Allen


    can ask for your bags to be inspected while present then have your own locks installed.



    that is a good idea.


    I have been stopped recently for carrying two bottles of rum (Dual DS-125 strobes). The TSA is not the smartest group of people.

  8. Ditto Alex.


    I started taking UW pictures on my 15th dive. I have a housed D100. I found that it really forced me to work on my buoyancy and my skills. My awareness of my surroundings went way up (especially if you don't want to be left behind). My first several dives with the camera were pretty far from the reef. I took it very slow and very carefully worked my way closer to the coral and fish over many dives.


    Good luck

    welcome to the obsession.



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