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  1. Could you possibly post a few more details like how much water was in the housing and for how long and how is the non weather proofed lens because I am really interested to find someone who has tested the OMD weather proofing even if only in fresh water. Thanks.
  2. It might also be worth trying to find out if anyone else has had the same problem. I say this because there have been cases, but very few, of batches of ally tanks having had similar problems due to, I think, poor mixing of the alloy.
  3. Well, yes I take the point. Except for me personally the most important lens would be wide for wrecks. After that I would like a macro and underwater at least that would be enough for quite a while I think.
  4. Just as I had about decided that the OMD or perhaps the soon to be announced new PEN were what I needed I found out that there is now a 10-18mm zoom for the NEX and soon there will be a 50mm macro. So perhaps a NEX is interesting after all. Hunting around on the net I found a story from some poor guy who had flooded and trashed his NEX7. He said he surfaced with about a cupful of water in the housing. So now I am wondering if a weatherproof m43 camera might have survived that. Any opinions would be gratefully received.
  5. Is anybody shooting wrecks with an OMD? If you are it would be really nice to see some images and read about rigs used. Thanks in advance. Tim
  6. I took a grey scale down with me once which I shot at various depths in available light and then colour corrected in PP. What I learnt from that was that our brains actually do a lot of colour correction and I had to reduce the corrections done in PP by about 50%. If you are really into available light shooting it is worth really studying what you can do in PP because it gets pretty complicated. In the Red Sea I could use available light down to around 30 metres. This involved some pretty massive corrections so you need a lot of colour depth to start with. These days I am diving in the Med and am still trying to cope with the green water. Much as I am a big fan of available light shooting I think I am going to end up with a strobe or two soon.
  7. I am thinking of getting an Olympus m43 system - maybe an OMD or maybe they will announce a weather proof EP5 soon - but the problem is now that I am happy with trimix in the rebreather I would really like a housing and ports with a working depth of 100 metres and I can't find one. Any ideas?
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