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  1. A quick note for anyone considering purchasing any of the items Frederic has for sale: Do not hesitate in the slightest! You will find him completely organized, and your transaction will be entirely friendly and professional! Highly recommended
  2. Just completed a purchase from Frederic_C, and could not be more pleased. Friendly, professional, and completely organized. Highly recommended WetPixel user!! Thank you!
  3. Yes it appears that a ball or cold shoe mount and clamp is my only option. I couldn't find a one-piece solution anywhere. Which I think will turn out to be a bit of a blessing anyway. The GoPro has a wide enough view that I've realized I'd like it to be pushed up and even with the front of my wide angle lens on the housing, so that it has an unobstructed view. A quick pool test will be in order when bits and pieces arrive!
  4. I'm definitely in the same newbie category, so I think these images are great! The third one really catches my attention, with the reef and school of fish.. the sun rays in the water really make it pop. As a more experienced land photographer, I'd like to politely suggest some gentle cropping here and there? In the fourth image (with the pair of turtles.. I really like this one too!), if the left hand side of the image was cropped off just to edge of where the reds/pinks are showing up, that would help to draw the eye on to your two subjects. Also, that dark shadow band at the bottom is an eye catcher as well. Just some food for thought anyway.
  5. One more vote for prescriptiondivemasks.com! I have a reasonably strong prescription, and was skeptical about how good it would be when put into a dive mask. Well surprise surprise when my new mask arrived.. I was/am amazed! Fantastic clear vision! Maybe even better than my regular glasses. Definitely worth the investment imo.
  6. Hello all, I'm not sure where to ask this, but I'm looking for a way to mount a GoPro to my camera housing. (Nauticam LX5) It has an empty M10 threaded socket that I'd like to use. Does anyone know of a suitable threaded mounting post that would work? Thanks!
  7. I'd like to ask if anyone's aware of the Aquatica housing being backwards compatible with the GH3? The GH3/4 bodies are by all accounts are the same, except for the taller mode dial on the GH4. Not sure about clearances inside the housing, but hopefully that wouldn't be a problem?
  8. Greetings from Northern Canada! My name is Mike, and I'm a long time reader here, and now a brand new member. I've enjoyed reading through the forums and learning by osmosis here, and finally have some questions and things to mention. I enjoy still photography, both land and underwater, but have a bigger interest in video at the moment. Looking forward to participating and learning more!
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