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  1. Now I finally bought all the parts (Kenko 1.4x, zoom ring and 28.5mm extension ring (Aquatica #18453)) and there is something that isn't right. When I try to set the zoom to the long end, the lens (actually the "hood" that is a part of the lens) hits the dome glass before the lens reach full length. The 28.5mm extension ring is too short. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Jean?
  2. Hi Stewart. When you say "isn't bright enough to aim with", do you mean that the light can't be seen in the viewfinder whatsoever, or do you mean it's too weak for the camera to fucus on? / Sven
  3. Good point there. I will make a simple prototype to test the concept before making the final version.
  4. I have been considering doing something similar for a YS-D1, but with the addition of focus light. Most people find it difficult to get the snoot-light at the right place and it often takes many iterations before the light is right at your focus point. My idea is to put some of the fibers in front of the strobe’s LED light instead of in front or the flash tube. If there is some continuous light coming out from the fiber snoot, it would be much easier to aim the light. Both the YS-D1 and the z240 have excellent lights for this purpose. Do you think this is feasible? I don’t have any experience in working with optical fibers like this.
  5. This is a well discussed subject, but I found a new twist that I didn't find any previous post about. In many previous posts it is suggested that when you use then Kenko 1.4x TC you should also add a 20 mm extension ring. So far so good. But when I read Aquatica's guidelines (for Canon 1.6 crop, in my case) on how to combine lenses, ports ans extension rings, I get confused. I read that when using Tokina 10-17 FE in the mini-dome I should add the 16.5mm extension ring (18456) and when I add the Kenko 1.4x TC I need to replace the previous extension ring with the 28.5mm extension ring (18453). Now, the difference between these two rings is only 12 mm, which is significantly less that 20 mm. Is this OK? Is there anyone out there who has experience in using the Tokina 10-17 FE + 1.4x TC in 100 mm mini-dome with the 28.5 mm extension ring and who can confirm that it works fine?
  6. Can anyone confirm whether Molykote 111 is compatible with Aquatica's black O-rings? Thanks in advance, / Sven
  7. It seems that I couldn't just paste a picture into the message. Could anyone tell how to insert pictures into posts? When I try the Image tool I get a request for a URL, but I have no good place to store pictures for public access so I want to just add the picture to the post. / Sven
  8. Thanks Stewart for that tip. Now I have come up with a solution that I believe in. See picture:
  9. To divengolf: So you just strapped the lanyard to the lower end of the handle? You don't feel it's in the way while using the camera? For some reason that I can't explain I attached mine on the left side. I'm right-handed.
  10. Here is a question to users of Aquatica SLR housings. When we dive in places where we will loose the camera if we drop it (like walls, from boats etc.), we attach the camera to a D-ring on our BCD or harness with a rope of some kind. I'm not so satisfied with the way I attach that rope to my housing so I would like to see how you fellow Aquatica users do it. Any suggestions? For me it's important that it's quick and easy to un-clip the camera from my harness in the case I'm climbing up the ladder on a dive boat and someone is helping me taking care of the camera. Also, it's important to be out of the way when using the camera UW. I have tied a thin but strong rope around the left handle and then I use a stainless steel clip to connect to it. It would have been nice if Aquatica had had this in mind when they designed the housings or handles.
  11. Thanks Interceptor121. That was the kind of response I was hoping for.
  12. I agree that 7000K will look ugly, but I will use it only for focus light and if the light from the strobes will dominate the lamp light will not be seen on the picture. I will probably use the 50% setting when used for focusing and 100% only when hunting for stuff to take pictures of. The LEDs with the highest efficiency (lumen/watt) are the ones with unpleasantly high color temp. Warm-white LEDs usually have lower efficiency. Aren’t there anyone with 1st hand experience from this light? Sven
  13. Anyone out there with any experience of the Epoque EL-1000 A-105 Video light? http://www.camerasunderwater.co.uk/lighting/videolight/epoque/el-1000l I haven't found any useful reviews on it yet. From the data it seems to be a light that fits my needs and budget, but I want to have response from someone with some real experience from it. / Sven
  14. Hi. I may be interested in the Aquatica housing for 40D/50D, AF/MF Macro Port, sealings and synchro cables. Are they still available? Also, do you have any proposal on how a purchase could be carried out? Money transfer/shipping of goods? I live in southern Sweden. / Sven
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