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  1. MAybe I have found the way to send some screen freeze ops, twice the same...
  2. good evening every body. Someone send me the topic about our new housing after Aldo posted it on I do not know which site. all the project came after an Idea I had working for a French production and following the teaching of Cyril Barbancon, a great expert in sterography and a very good DoP. He thought me all I know, and from my old knowledges about dome ports, I get the idea about how to built the right underwater rig. The most difficult part, was to convince Harald Hordosh from Seacam to jump in videography, after so many years of successful involvement in still photography. After I had explained him my theory about the dome in a 3D UW rig, he thought to call his father: this fellow was the real most important man in all the adventure. Harald father struggled months under our suggestions, but than, he came to a very precise drawing. From that point on, Harlad used all his skill and the once of his assistants to put ideas into a computer and built this wonderful machine. YEs, now we can change inter axe and convergece. We have access to all commands of the C300. We can use the 3D assist Panasonic monitor. We are not on the end of the project, yet, and the housing is not perfect as Harald wants, but I am sure we have a wonderful tool in the hands. For sure a 3D tool that we'll not stop from shooting documentaries in the usual way. Our second dive was on 100 + metres on a roman wreck. due to the winter light and to the depth, I was not able to use f stop more than 2,8 or 3,5. So, my depth of field was not perfect But I am sure these images can witness that the quality of the dome is not bad at all. Also considering that these images are just a print screen.
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