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  1. Hey thanks guys it was on full and not fill one more thing has the distance from the lens to object and strobe to object have to be near the same when using ttl to get the right exposure ? ian
  2. Hey there, I bought a new Sea & Sea YS-D1 strobe and a new fibre optical cable to use with my OMD EM5 and its Nauticam housing, but I am experiencing troubles getting a good exposure with the TTL. I am fine to shoot with manual but I bought the strobe hoping to be able to use the TTL for my macro work. I've followed all the posts on it and all the trouble-shooting, but I am still not achieving the results that can be achieved by manual settings. All the same I would really like to get it to work. I've tried adjusting the flash power from full to 1/64 as well as all the EV compensation and strobe positions and metering systems, I've got fully charged batteries and fast SD cards. Any help would be highly appreciated as I am on a Red Sea trip right now and would love to get the TTL to work. Ian
  3. Hey there, I am interested in buying the unflooded strobe for $ 400; would you consider sending it to Switzerland? Best, Ian
  4. hey Phil thanks for the info i know its a big ask to get it all out of this set up i think i`ll have to just go for the flat port with the flip holder as i have the subsee already so ill ring the shop tomorrow and see if the flip holder for the flat ports in stock and go from there thanks again ian
  5. hey I`m still looking at the olympus omd-em5 and i have the subsee 10+ already and want to use that on the new system from what ive been reading it looks like the 12-50mm lens at 50mm with the subsee gets good results. so hows it work with the 4" wide angle port and flip holder for the subsee that nauticam produces should i look at that as a way of covering more working range till the time comes to buy the 60mm macro and port and larger dome port as well then with the 200 odd saved i could get the tray and a new arm for my focus light any help is appreciated thank Ian
  6. Hi Phil, Thanks for your reply. I've been out today and played around with the Olympus in a shop. I like the feel of it and it was the first time I actually held one. There is going to be a lot to learn for me from the G12! Do you think that I should save the money and buy the kit with the 12/50 lense and buy the cheaper dome port and then wait and buy the 60 mm macro lense and port as the money for the 12/50 port with the macro function is quite expensive. I will still use the flip holder for the Subsee wet lense with the 12/50 dome until Nauticam produces the new port for the 60 mm. Thanks, Ian
  7. hey Karl thanks for the reply and advise its Definitely worth something And I appreciate that. at the moment we only go Snorkelling but up to 6 to 8 hours a day so ill have time to learn I hope. we'll be on lady Elliot for two weeks and I really want to get the best out of the trip and photos I'll still take the g12 as its so easy to use now. we'll do a dive course this trip but I don't Expect to be taking a camera with me diving for a long time but on the island the reef flat is a great place to tinker about with macro shots and its one of the things I love to do there. But at the moment it's still the thing Sony vs Olympus ?? Thanks again Ian
  8. hey Marsh im looking in to getting the nex7 now with the nuaticam housing with the 18-55 lens. ive been using a canon g12 now for about 2 years and recently got the subsee 10+ to go with it but now its time to move on to something a bit better ive been looking for a good 3 months now and with just 10 days to go till my next trip i need to buy now and a local shop has the case and all ports ready to go. so would you still Recommend the sony as a lot of people are telling me to buy the olympus em5 over it but i was set on the sony. well any help would be good i just need to know if this setup is going to be good for next 4 odd years as i cant buy a new one every 2 years at that cost. ps i love macro as well so i well need to crop as well but keeping the detail thanks for any help you can give Ian
  9. Thanks guys! I would have probably just got the Sony but the guy at the shop - and he is a pro underwater photographer pretty much - is pushing me to get the Olympus with the Nauticam housing. Buying the cameras here in Switzerland it is within CHF 300 of each other. So there are no real differences in prices even if you buy the macro port for the Olympus which is quite expensive in itself. My main interest is macro and I would like to think that Sigma or Sony will produce a 50 to a 105 macro lense in the next couple of years, but it might be a big ask. When I compared the two cameras (http://snapsort.com/compare/Olympus-E-M5-vs-Sony-NEX-7) I thought that the higher megapixel and the larger sensor sounds like the better idea, but after all, those results are not underwater in a housing with a 25 knot NE wind blowing. So I might just go for the Olympus as my wife suggests. If I don't buy one of them I will get my ass served to me on a platter... If anyone else can convince me to buy the Sony, please try as it is the one I would still like to get!!! Ian
  10. Hi there, I just would like to know how you are getting on with the decision; I am having a similar problem to decide between the OM-D EM-5 and the Sony NEX 7, both with the Nauticam housing. For the last couple of years, I have been using the Canon G12 in the Canon case with a Subsee 10+ on a Fantasea holder. I know that the sensor sizes of both are quite different and I have been weighing it up for quite some time... and I need someone to convince me so I can stick to that option for the next four years at least. My local shop has both housings in stock, so I would be very grateful for your advice. Thanks in advance and best regards, Ian PS: Our dive trip sets off in two weeks, so if I am going to make a move, it needs to be soon!
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