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  1. Hi Michael, I have to sell 4 arms and two Seacam attachments. If you are interested, give me your email and I'll send you the photos. pignatarog65@gmail.com Regards Giuseppe
  2. For sale Aquatica Agua View in excellent condition €700€. If anyone is interested, we accept proposals.
  3. For sale Aquatica Agua View in excellent condition €900. Seacam Wet Diopter 100€. Shipping to be calculated.
  4. For many years now I have been diving in the Mar Piccolo - Taranto (Italy) at all times of the year. I discovered this place 25 years ago thanks to the collaboration with a local scientific foundation and since then I have never missed an opportunity to return. In recent years, however, the summer temperature of the water reaches almost 30 degrees, creating great problems for the local fauna and flora. Many species move towards deeper waters and others, unable to move, end their cycle with a slow agony. I returned in these days and this little Mediterranean paradise is starting to revive.
  5. Hi, I'm Giuseppe Pignataro and I've been reading wetpixel for a long time, even if I recently decided to join the forum and try to be more present. I have been doing underwater photography for more than 30 years, I love the Mediterranean even if I often travel around the world. My motto is "there is always something to learn". Giuseppe
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