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  1. Reef Photo has a used DS125 with charger and a newer battery for 520 right now.
  2. So I and my girlfriend have some stuff to sell and want some pricing suggestions. G6 and an ikelite housing. Housing was sent to get service a little over a year ago and we were told it has a small crack and decided it wasn't worth fixing but might be good for parts. Doesn't leak yet but will at some point. Some inon wet lenses - what the standard for good to almost like new as far as percentage off of new amazon/B&h prices? 11 month old ikellite lx5 housing and camera? Single handle ikelite tray? Ikelite manual controller? I talked to the guys at reef and they suggested the following: 70-80% of street on the lenses 75% on the lx5 & housing Don't recall what they said about the single handle ike tray. 50% off street for the manual controller Who the hell knows on the g6 system The stuff isn't on sale yet we need to take photos, etc but I wanted to know if the ranges suggest above seem reasonable? Hopefully this will help diminish the pain of the d7000 system I just got
  3. So I am by no means an expert. That said I have been told that glass is not as important with the flat port as it is with a dome. If thats true then the individual ports are a bit cheaper. Since you seem to be concerned about weight and the I suspect you might be thinking about checking it for flights rather than carrying it on. Well I have some reasonably good news I recently help my girlfriend take a hard sided carryon and modify it to take an ikelite dslr housing, body, 100mm macro lens & ports, ds125, chargers, 8inch dome and 10-17, arms, tray, and sync cords. If you go othis route it's strongly suggested that you take a photo of the setup, print it on 8.5/11 paper, laminate it and put it in the carryon. This will help you if you forget exactly the way to put everything back with the foam, etc - plus every once in a while you get shafted by the airlines and you get stuck checking your carryon. If TSA opens it the picture/packing instructions are your best hope of keeping them from screwing everything up. Have fun with your system - I just got a d7000 in a used nauticam housing and can't wait to try it out in a few weeks! kev
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