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  1. Hi, As the next dive trip is in some distant future, I'm letting this go. Selling it all as a kit. Most of it has only been used for two diving holidays, the strobes and a few bits I bought second hand. Located in Denmark. As for price, give me a realistic offer. 1 Sony RX 100 1 Extra battery, higher capacity for RX100 1 Patima PDCH RX100 housing, 1 INON Wide angle lens UWL-100 M67 Typ II, 1 INON Macro lens UCL-165 M67, 1 Nauticam single handle tray with 2pcs 1/4" screws, 2 Strobe mounting ball for Easitray & Flexitray, 1 Nauticam extra handle 2 Nauticam 200mm Double Ball Arm, 1 Nauticam double Lens Holder M67, 4 H2O--Tools Clamp for double ball strobe arms, 2 INON S2000 blitz, 2 INON Optisk kabel, 2 Adapter til Inon blitz, 1 Peli Case 1400 with foam (480141)
  2. I got it second hand for a fourth of the store price. If not, I'd have got the 28 mm variant. It's not a problem, just means I have to zoom to about 32 mm. Jens
  3. I think that's just because what I've got is the Inon UWL-100 which isn't actually made to suit 28 mm equivalent lenses.
  4. Hi again Got the Patima housing, here are a couple of first impressions. Build quality Very convincing. I'd use it as weapon any day. The latches on the sides don't seem flimsy or unreliable at all, actually it seems to me like a simple and efficient solution. Controls - Front ring is controlled by dial on top. No slip, easy to turn. Can actually be done with one right hand finger while holding the housing (probably not with gloves, though) - Mode dial is controlled by dial on top. No slip, you can easily feel the stops where it clicks into place. Takes two fingers. - Rear dial is controlled by separate dial on back. Diameter of knob is very small, could be difficult to grab with gloves. No slip, but a little hard to turn - Rear buttons (and rear dial) are very close. I think this is where "you get what you pay for" comes into play. Would be difficult with thick gloves. Still, perfectly useable without gloves, just not as nice as could have been. Lens compability - I tried it with an Inon UWL-100 Achromat type II. Need to zoom in to about 32 mm avoid vignetting, but that's as expected. Even when doing so, distance to lens is still short enough to remain sharp (at least centre is very sharp, need to judge the edges in full daylight). Close focus until literally touching the front element to the subject. I haven't tried it diving yet, and won't get to until a trip in about a month from now, but so far I'm very happy with the price/quality compromise. I trust this much more than I would the Ikelite, and it's more compact (but a little bigger than Recsea and Nauticam). Jens
  5. Hi Got it from here: http://www.uw-fotopartner.com/UW-Gehaeuse/fuer-Kompakt-Kameras/Sony /Jens
  6. Hi Thanks for the post, very informative. As for the Patima option, you state that it's only 7,5% cheaper than Nauticam, but here in Europe it's different with Patima being 35% below Nauticam, making it a relevant option. Nauticam was too pricey for me, and Ikelite seems to flimsy, so I ordered the Patima, but didn't receive it yet. Housing Price Percentage cheaper than next option Recsea 999 0.00% Nauticam 859 14.01% Patima 559 34.92% Ikelite 359 35.78% Jens
  7. Any idea if RX100 will work with the UWL-100 Achromat type 2? (ie. not the UWL-H100) Thanks a lot Jens
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