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  1. My husband and I just returned from a dive trip to Bali and Wakatobi. It was our second time to that part of the world. We are North Americans and have quite a lot of dives in the Caribbean and the Great Lakes. We chose the Underwater Tribe to do our diving with and I can not recommend them enough!!! If you are a photographer or not they are the best. 5 star treatment of their customers. Everything is customer based!!!! We rarely find that in any kind of business in North America! They met us at the airport and helped with customs and immigration. Whisked us off to the hotel. Were on time or early for everything and one price included EVERYTHING they said it would. We felt very special and a little spoiled by the time our trip was over. We also toured our way to the diving area which is a fairly long drive from the airport. Did I mention that they are great for photographers? If you are not familiar with the creatures that live in that part of the world than The Underwater Tribe is a must for seeing and shooting these amazing animals. The muck diving has outstanding visibility, blue water and not much for silt, and the corals are wonderful too. We dove Amed, Tulamben, the Liberty Wreck and Seraya. If you are traveling to that part of the world please consider The Underwater Tribe, you won't regret it! Debbie Chase
  2. Thank you Peter, I think that will help. We'll see as I leave for the Bahamas on Saturday for a week on the Carib Dancer. I'll let you know. Thanks again.
  3. This is what I struggle with. Maybe because the water is further away than the main subject matter.
  4. Thank you Peter. I think this will help. I seem to get purple water after about 40 feet too. If I white balance every ten feet or so on the way down it also works better. Sometimes I can get pretty good white balance like that. If I don't do that and just try at deeper depths….. well I'm not satisfied. I seem to struggle a little more with different things on this 550. More than I did with the HC9. In some ways I feel like the HC9 is a better camera. Just didn't really like dealing with the tapes. When I get back from vacation I'll let you know how I did. Thanks again. SeaDebbie
  5. I have shot with a Sony HC9 in a Gates Housing and am now using a Sony XR550v in a Gates Housing. I have always used the appropriate color correcting lens for fresh or salt water. I have had trouble in the past getting white balance below 40 feet using ambient light. I prefer to shoot ambient light. I have been able to fix white balance in post but wish I could get it closer to right when shooting. My husband found something on this forum a year ago or so about setting the white balance on brown sponges in the ocean. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am going on vacation next week on the M/Y Carib Dancer in the Bahamas and would like to try some of your suggested techniques and then let you know the results. Keep Blowing Bubbles, SeaDebbie
  6. Hi everyone, I started diving in 2004 and have nearly 900 dives completed. I knew early in my diving that I would like to take photos underwater but told myself I would not until I had 100 dives. I was witnessing many new divers with cameras bashing the reefs. I thought they looked out of control. The underwater photographers that were in control were amazing with a lot of diving experience. I started out with a Fuji F810 in an Ikelite housing and now shoot video. I started out shooting video with a Sony HC9 in a Gates housing and now shoot with a Sony XR550v in a Gates housing. I shoot in the Great Lakes and abroad. I mostly shoot wide angle with ambient light and have had very good luck and a great teacher in Tim Blanton. He has a shop on Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras at a resort called CoCo View. I manually white balance a lot underwater using mostly the sand or light patches of reef of scuba tanks always with the proper filter for the kind of water I am shooting through. Looking forward to hanging out here on Wetpixel. My husband, Aqua Paul has been a regular here for a couple years now. Keep blowing bubbles, SeaDebbie
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