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  1. Belize sends me mail almost everyday stating they are open and welcoming divers. The reefs have changed there over the years but it is still a good place to use your gear. Big animals on most dives.
  2. Clean every time you open the housings. It only take a grain of sand or something else to ruin your day
  3. I have been diving Belize for over 25 years. About 15 years ago I saw my first Lionfish on the reefs. I was thrilled to see this fish in the wild. Now every time you dive there you will see them everywhere. 25 + on every dive. They really are taking over the environment there. They now serve them in all the eateries. The dive masters have been training the groupers to eat them. They swallow them whole. It really is something to see. There is no real solution on controlling this invasive creature. Another thing. Recently I was shopping at a Wegmans market in New Jersey and they had fresh Lionfish in their fish market. For a while Belize had a bounty on the fish. This was not very effective and has been discontinued. All I can say is eat them when you can. Overfishing can be part of the solution in this case.
  4. Yea it was quite the adventure. I have some minor issues remaining but nothing serious
  5. I would like to relay an incident I had Christmas Day 2016. I was in Ambergris Caye Belize for a holiday dive trip. It was my 34th dive trip to Belize. I arrived in Belize on 12-22-16. On 12-23 I did two dives on one of the more remote sites there. same thing the next day. On Christmas morning I did a single morning dive with the plan of spending Christmas with my wife. After getting back to the dock i started getting very very tired. I thought I would go back to my room and rest for a while. My condition continued to go down hill. Anyway, We decided to go to dinner and that I would just rest the balance of the evening. Things really went down from there. After arriving at the dinner location I was having problems walking. It was like I was drunk. after that I found that I could not urinate. This could be a big issue after a few beers. I was also having vision issues in my left eye. We blew off the dinner and returned to our room to rest for the night. Around 9:00 PM I used my Sat phone to call Duke University in NC. They manage DAN. I spoke with a tech and then a doctor who told me I was in crisis and required a medical evac. My dive computer data was downloaded and sent to Duke. Wow the day just keeps getting better. Dan said they would get a specially equipped aircraft flown down to get me and medivac me to Miami. When I told them that I was in Belize they were happy as they had just opened a new chamber there a couple of months before my issue. I was told that they were assembling a medical team and they would pick me up at my hotel in 15 min. 10 mins later there was a knock at my door by the med team. They took me to the chamber where i was examined by the doctor. He told me I was suffering Neurological DCS stage 2. very serious. As they were loading me in the chamber the doctor told my wife, You husband is in critical condition and we will do the best we can for him. She freaked out of course. So Christmas night I spent 6 hours in the chamber with a nurse. The following morning I required another 4 1/2 hour treatment. After that the rest of the vaca was just hanging out. stay out of the sun and no beer. The moral of the story is. Buy your Dan insurance. Dan cost me $85.00 a year. They covered all expenses for my injury and medical treatments. They are dedicated to dive medicine and have an outstanding crew backed by state of the art research at Duke. I met a man who also had a DCS issue while in Belize. I was going in to thank the staff for saving my life and for their kindness. The man I met was going in to pay far his 4 hour chamber treatment with staff. He had to put $22000.00 US dollars on his credit card because he did not have the DAN insurance. My bill without the DAN ins would have been over $44000.00 THANK YOU DAN AND DUKE UNIVERSITY. Everyone be safe and use the DAN insurance. This incident has forced me to stop diving. spinal cord injury as a result. I could most likely continue diving but could not place my wife in that situation again. Best wishes to All Bryan
  6. I have been to Belize 30 time. I will be back from 12-21 thru 12-31-17. I Always dive with the dive shop at Ramon's. They are the best on the island. I don't stay at Ramon,s much anymore but they are the ones I dive with. In shore near San Pedro is getting beat up a bit, but still nice. There is some great diving up north of town near Rocky Point. Lots of turtles and some Real Sharks. Again, I can't say enough good things about the dive group at Ramon's.
  7. Sony SR12 Camera - Light & Motion Bluefin Housing - Sunray S Pro HID Lights includes: Sony SR 12 Camera L&M Bluefin Housing Fathom Imaging 90 MM Wide angle lens 5 HID Pro Light Heads with extra bulbs 4 Battery casings with re-built batteries Ultralight Arms Shoots Outstanding 1080 Video All products in Excellent Condition. Color monitor back Everything Perfect Located in New Jersey $3000.00 U.S. O.B.O. Send E-Mail for pics brypol@verizon.net
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