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  1. This is still available and is currently in the New Orleans area. Camera is not included. Email can be best way to get me teddysmith (at) g mail dot com but I'll check here a bit today.
  2. Thanks I have the extender ring for the Canon 24mm 1.2L II. I am not sure if that's the same ring you need for the 16-35. But regardless, the extender would be extra. I also have the buoyancy float but that would be extra too. Other assorted goodies that are included includes things like o-ring grease, a frog clip, etc. Just small things. If someone is seriously interested I'd be happy to put together a detailed parts list.
  3. I have a complete Aquatica 5D Mark II kit with 8" dome port, moisture alarm, deep upgrade (rated to 100m), complete extra set of o-rings, all original boxes, and other assorted goodies. I could also part it out if someone doesn't want the entire kit. I'd be happy to shoot some detailed pictures and an exact accessories list if there are buyers interested. Asking $1600 shipped. Can accept PayPal or credit cards through my website.
  4. I have a Aquatica 5D Mark II kit with the folliowing: Housing with Leak Detector and Hand Grips Deep Springs Installed 8" Dome Extension Port 18456 Canon 24mm 1.4L II Focus Gear Aquatica Buoyancy Float Many other things. Kit has never leaked. Can post detailed pics if there is an interested buyer. Attached are pics taken with the kit except for the obviously low quality one which is me using the system. I don't have many posts here but I am member of the International Cinematographers Guild (Local 600) and Society of Camera Operators. Asking $2500. Located near New Orleans but I am often in Florida diving.
  5. Thanks for the information. I found this: http://www.lubell.com/UW30PA.html It looks to be a perfect solution and is relatively inexpensive. Everyone in the water will be able to hear it including divers and actors. I really just need something simple and reliable so everyone can hear action, cut, and direction from the director.
  6. This actually looks like a great idea: http://www.hydroflex.com/site/cameras/comm.html Any idea what they are using?
  7. Thanks for all the help everyone. I feel like a fish out of water with this underwater stuff! I had a choice between Steadicam or underwater as a specialty and I picked the water so now you guys are stuck with me. I actually got an email from Jean at Aquatica and he said the 35L will take the same extension as the 24L but he didn't know about the 50L. He said the 50 would probably work without an extension but would probably show a slight improvement in the corners with the extension. I have all the gear ordered and have an extensive pool test scheduled in two weeks. I will be testing with focus charts and real people so it should be a good mix. I will be happy to report my findings.
  8. I am looking for something that will let me receive radio communications at no more than 30 feet from the service. I do not need or want to be able to talk back. I just want to hear what someone is telling me. A tethered system would be OK. Has anyone seen a submersible headset or earpiece?
  9. OK sorry but this seems a little strange to me. I want to make sure I fully understand before I drop a lot of money on the wrong things.. With a dome I focus on the glass of the dome and everything is always in focus? I can move around all I want without having to rack focus to anything? For the 50L and longer lenses I should be looking at the flat ports? Aquatica calls these macro ports but they will work for non-macro applications right? Would this work for the 50? http://www.aquatica.ca/en/products_ports_18428.html
  10. So I need to match up housing based on MFD? I guess I don't understand how extension rings work and what they are needed for. Can you explain it to me?
  11. I would be happy with an analog SD adapter. It would great to tap into the analog SD output of a 5D Mark II, send it to the bulkhead, then to a monitor, then to the surface. I was planning to make one myself when I found this thread. I am shooting commercial and theatrical work and need to be able to send video to the surface. Keep in mind, if you are just using the feed for monitoring purposes than the 480p SD output from the 5D is good and much less problematic than dealing with the HDMI.
  12. Hello, I am really new to underwater shooting and have a few questions. I really would like to get my Canon 35mm f/1.4L and the 50mm f/1.2L underwater with manual focus capability. I am looking at the Aquatica housings since they have focus knobs built in but the lens charts don't list these two lenses. They do list the 24L which is similar in size to the 50L. Will it be possible to rig these two lenses to work? Thanks for any help you can provide! Edit: The 35L is the exact same length as the 24L. Does that mean the same extension should work with it?
  13. Hello, I am a motion picture camera operator interested in adding underwater to my skill set. I am recently SCUBA certified and am in the process of getting my first housing for practice and to build a reel. I have quite a few questions I hope to get a chance to ask later.
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