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  1. Just saw an article about the cow sharks in this area in an airline magazine, South African Air maybe.
  2. What type of snoot device are you using these days. Love it! MODERATOR note: Post moved to appropriate forum.
  3. Fantastic. You have really worked hard capturing all these great images. Very creative approaches too. Keep up the great work.
  4. Hi to Sterling & Wolcott, just saw then in Cocos...these guys are really rocking the water these days
  5. You have a fine eye, and good taste in dive destinations. I also use smugmug, good company.
  6. I am hearing that those who spearfish use a Riffle mirror mask that "hides eyes and reduces glare while hunting." I tried it in the pool and it seems to reduce your vision by 2 f/stops. But would the trade off of not scaring fish away because they can't see your eyes be worth having reduced vision? Anyone had any experience with this?
  7. I did a quick H2O dunk before my jump but the ISO button popped completely out around 2 feet. At that point the leak alert and bubbles launched me out of the water like a dolphin. The Backscatter team on hand said they had never seen this before and would alert Subal. The body was insured by DAN, the 105mm was not. . .
  8. What an incredible week this has been! Diving in the warm, clear waters of Bonaire. Learning essential techniques of photography and videography from some of the industry's top pros. A friendly, week-ending competition with spectacular prizes. And the camaraderie gained between fellow shooters, supporting each other to improve their imaging skills. A very big "thank you" to everyone that attended the 2009 Digital Shootout - you are the ones that make this event great! The rest of the story is that during my last dive I flooded my NIkon D3X with the 105mm macro, arrrrrrrrrggggggh.
  9. The Reef House Resort and Scuba Diving Facility is on a small cay off the island of Roatan (the largest of the Bay Islands in the Caribbean Gulf of Honduras). Shark diving was with Waihuka Adventure Divers, Dolphin dive with Anthony's Key Resort. Here are some captures from last week, enjoy!
  10. Chip, you are always a leader in imaging technology, fine work once again. I look forward to seeing all your new D3X works of art on your new website. . .what is the URL of that site. . .is it up and running yet? Let's get the show on the road so you can begin telling the underwater story at up to five frames per second. Cheers my friend.
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