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  1. I just finished watching some of the videos from the wetpixel 2006 bahamas trip...the one clip of the tiger mouthing the camera...yeesh...I would've seriously crapped myself! Nerves of steel!
  2. Eric, Grazis on your pages in "Nature's Best." I was leafing through at B&N the other day and to my surpise as I flipped the first page, the screaming turtle in an HP ad. As I looked further, there it was again in the "animal antics" section...and another shot of your "Great Hammerhead" in another section. Nice! Pete
  3. They could do it if the manufacturers could agree on it. That's how the MIDI standard was developed in 81 or 82, allowing synthesizers from any company to "talk to one another and speak the same language."
  4. Yeah, living/diving in Grand Caymen day after day....rough life! Nice job on the train, Mike.
  5. I believe that's a tarsier monkey. They're one of the visitor attractions also if you go to Bohol in the Philippines. I've always wanted to see one of those and a pygmy marmoset in the wild.
  6. Libel Shmybel. I've a sneaking suspicion who it might be. After googling the supposed guy's name and sardines...I found the proposed dated for the episode to air on Animal Planet: Premieres Wednesday, August 10, at 9 p.m. EST. If anything, it'll allow you to relive some of the experience...hehehe
  7. I'm still curious as to which animal planet host turned out ot be a wuss. Love the dolphin surf shots....nature at its finest!
  8. I know digital is starting to be accepted more and more in the stock and print collateral but in the same breath I still see some publishers refusing to embrace it even if you had something like a 20D or D70 outputting 300ppi images. Is this just the stock company or the magazine's preference or is there any actual logic behind it? I mean obviously these cameras can hold their own and have been published before (i remember a D100 being used for a Nat'l Geo article on fighter jets awhile back) so I'm wondering what the bottleneck is here? -Pete
  9. It's so commonplace in all aspects of travel ads....I've seen so many brochures for Ft Lauderdale or Miami where the shots look like they were taken from micronesia or the caribbean....pool water clarity. I lived in that area for about 17 yrs and while there are places that are clear...I've never seen the ocean from the beach THAT clear. Another funny one...living in NYC and visiting any of the ski/snowboardshops....look at the brochures for many of the ski slopes...you can tell that a lot of the stock was taken out west as we rarely if ever have thick powder like that....i guess the hard-packed snow/ice isn't as pretty...heh. I would never trust a brochure by itself anyway (it amazes me that anyone would)...there are enough trip reports and pictures of the various dive locales online...a little research will get you the info you need. That being said, I wonder if anyone here or over at scubadiving.com has ever run into that whole "Come to hotel paradise with 5-star amenities" then gotten there and found a nipa hut with no toilet and a broken fan. -Pete
  10. Not necessarily underwater, but after perusing his DSLR Handbook, I was pretty inspired by Andy Rouse's wildlife photography.
  11. Forgive me as I don't own a housing and this may be a naive question, but after looking at snappy's pic of how the sync cord connector butts up against the regulator....wouldn't it be possible to develop an alternate L-shaped connector (or use one if it already exists) so it wouldn't be sticking straight out? This would be similar to what guitar players use to patch effects pedals. That would allow you to get to the viewfinder easier. Short end of the "L" goes into the housing and the long end leads the cord out to one side.
  12. Then of course there's the classic Simpsons episode where Lisa doesn't want to get braces so the dentist pulls out "The Big Book of British Smiles" to convince her.
  13. Nice work, both in color and composition. What rig are you shooting with?
  14. Or, if you use Firefox, just download Sage.
  15. B&H probably has the best showroom for camera supplies in NYC. I believe they have all the trekker backpacks there. Give 'em a call.
  16. Was just looking at the sharkshield website.....all these years folks saying "Secure your dangling assets!" (i.e, regs and whatnot and then you get this with the shark device: "Excuse me Mister....is that a shark shield or are you just happy to see me?" Here's the site with images for anyone interested: http://www.sharkshield.com/detail.php?Product=2 What would really suck is if it somehow interfered with your dive computer on a deco dive. :shock:
  17. That's exactly what I did. Took the NAUI course here in NYC then did my cert dives in Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines. I was the only customer so it was one-on-one with the instructor for the OW dives...very nice experience. The only weird thing is that, though this place was supposed to be a NAUI shop, the instructor I dove with was a PADI instructor and certified me as a PADI diver. :shock: Not a big deal, though, IMO, as long as I'm certified.
  18. I've been researching monitors as well and am leaning towards the IBM ThinkVision series (I use their 19" at work and may get the larger one for my graphic/web/3d work at home). These are CRTs not LCD if that makes a difference to you. I originally looked at LaCie's but I've seen a bit too many "good at first, then *kerplooey*" type posts about them.
  19. Adorama and Leisure-Pro are affiliated...Adorama bottom floor...Leisure Pro, top floor...I stopped by the other day as I work close by. Both are good...they excel in catalog/online sales as thier storefronts (in-house selection) are pretty small (especially LP).....B&H has more in-store merchandise such as a display with all the ikelite and various uw gear. If you need to call Adorama, Larry seemed like a nice and helpful guy when I was looking at the 20D/D70 so you could ask for him.
  20. Maybe email or call Ryan over at Reef Photo & Video (formerly, UW Camera Pros). He's helped quite a few people on the board with their setups....and they do have more than what's listed on their website...
  21. Yeah, that's pretty much what I meant as far as seeing curves optimized for UW use. I've seen tons for topside, oldskool's, fotogenic's, et al but was curious if anyone had tried gearing one towards UW. I dont think Craig was literally saying that they don't "apply" to raw, just that it doesn't make much of a difference since you can undo. I guess one could shoot in raw and then sample various curves in the RAW editor, no?
  22. Was curious if any nikon shooters have experimented with creating camera curves specifically geared for UW use (for different sea colors, depths, etc)?
  23. I agree with Craig on being more concerned with the life above water at this point...Jason Heller's story tells it all. In any event, I came across this article concerning Andaman Coral hit by the Tsunami over at the BBC.
  24. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/4100897.stm
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