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  1. Thanks Phil I will give those settings a go, I already left this morning before I saw your comment. Agreed on the depth of field...found it a little challenging as there was a bit of a current this morning. I'll have to check the back focus not sure if if I am setup for that...not quite sure how to find that out but I'm sure a quick google should sort me out. As a general rule when using the 60mm should I always have it set to 0.19 - 0.4 and also use those other settings you mentioned ? This is a sample shot from this morning F-20, 1/250, ISO 100 This was another f-20 1/250, ISO 200 - a little harder to stay still on this one.
  2. Has anyone used the Nautical CMC-1, I just bought one to use with my OMD EM-5 and Oly 60mm lens. Going out for a test dive with it tomorrow. Just wondering if there are any pointers for this set up. Does the focus switch of the 60mm need to be set to any particular setting ? I currently have it set to 0.19 to infinity.
  3. Awesome photos, heading to Raja Ampat in May. Looking at your photos think I made a good choice. What setup are you using ?
  4. Two days later I was back to try out the new Olympus 60mm
  5. With the weather warming up here in Oz it was time to hit the water so decided best way to start the New Year was to go for a dive at the old Ammo Jetty at Woodman's Point. Here is just a selection from the dive. These were taken with the Olympus OMD EM5 and 12-50mm in macro (43mm)
  6. Thanks everyone for the feedback, I'm leaning towards the Nauticam dome as it is easily obtainable from the local dive shop. Alex the 140 mm sounds intersting to I might have a look at that as well.
  7. Great shots, loving the wide angle and the split shots. Heading to Raja Ampat in May seems to be plenty to take photos of. Is the 4.33" dome port the nauticam port ? I have the 8mm fisheye lens and tossing up whether to go for the Nauticam 4.33" or the Athena 100mm glass dome port. Any thoughts ?
  8. Thanks Richard for your help I like the idea of glass and under over shots may be useful for my trip to Raja Ampat in May. So under over shots can't be done with the nauticam dome port ? . How are the dome ports measured ? The Nauticam is 4.33inches and the Athena is 100mm. Is it that the diametre the measurements refer to or the depth of the dome ? The Nauticam is easier to get here in Oz, local dive store has them. The Athena glass dome I'll have to order from over seas no biggy just have to wait a few extra weeks. Sorry for all the questions
  9. Thanks Trickster appreciate the feedback...some decisions to make now :-)
  10. Hi guys, in a bit of a quandry I was all set to go out and get myself the Nauticam 4.33" dome for the panasonic 8mm fisheye but have been given another option for the Athena dome port F100NA-M1 which is a glass dome. Just wondering which would be better ? The Athena is slighty more expensive but still in budget. Am i better off with a glass dome ? not sure on the size difference between the two either. Any advice would be appreciated
  11. Great shots Karl....love them cardinal fish
  12. Mate, they are some of the best Swan River pics I have seen. I really love the Swan for all the critters that you can see in there really is a mixed bag.
  13. Thanks guys I have been very happy with this rig....just have to find the right camera settings/strobe combination, not sure if i have got that right yet. Think I need a few more dives to practice.
  14. Headed down to Busselton yesterday for another dive with the OMD second dive with this new rig is proving to be a learning curve. But so far would have to say the camera with the 12-50 has been impressive.
  15. Just upgraded to the Olympus OMD and took it for it's maiden dive on Saturday to the old Ammo Jetty in Coogee. Using the 12-50mm lens.
  16. While it is raining here I went through my Exmouth photos and added one to my Photoblog......can't wait to get wet again. http://www.oceansandearth.com
  17. Great set of pics......you would never know it was overcast. Also can't get over the amount of fish life.
  18. Added a few more to my photoblog Oceans & Earth from a recent dive at the old BHP Jetty.
  19. Absolutely - diving in WA has never been better, Perth has a fair bit to offer but the South West and the Northern reaches like Exmouth are truely awesome.
  20. Read the weather report on www.seabreeze.com.au and swell was low and winds were slight. Headed off to the old Ammunition Jetty in Cockburn Sound, despite the hordes of fisherman fishing from the jetty it turned out to be a great relaxing dive. Here are some of the pics or at least the ones that turned out half descent. Also put some of my photoblog website http://www.oceansandearth.com Plenty of Octopus under the jetty, this one was eyeing off the nudi Another shot of this inquistive fellow Heaps of Chromodoris tinctoria Not sure what these guys are think they are juvenile Leather Jackets Decorator Crab Was a few of these swimming around - quite inquisitve as well. And of course I can't leave here until I have shown off the almost obligatory seahorse that I always seem to show, which you must be bored of by now. Hope you all enjoy and a very happy and safe Easter to all.
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