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  1. I have just returned from a week live aboard to Turks/Caicos - I used my D-70, 18-70 mm lens in Ikelite Housing - I left my #4 diopter at home & decided to use setup minus diopter - My photos for the most part were good to very good with some vignetting when lens was extended - my question is what is the purpose of the diopter other than eliminating the vignetting? - JimK
  2. I have been using a Ikelite Housing with a Nikon D70 & 18-70mm lens for the past few years - Recently I purchased a D-300 with 18-135 mm lens - I do not intend to change my underwater setup but have a question whether to change to the 18-135 mm lens on my D-70 - Is it worth It? - Thanks Jim K
  3. Craig (Sting Ray) - I have a +4 Diopter attached to the lens - I am inclined to believe the camera is not focusing due to poor light - I will be using a small light to paint the target as suggested by Sten (Sea Wasp) - It's frustrating to see my wife get good photos with a point & shoot camera in situations I cannot focus - Any frther comments or suggestion? - Jim K
  4. I want to thank all who responded to my problem - I will try both methods suggested by Loftus, Expatdiver & Ken Byrne - Thx Jim K
  5. I am using Ikelite housing with Nikon D-70, Nikon Strobe 105 - 18-70mm lens - Problem with Auto Focus UW - Have missed good pics because Auto Focus will not allow shutter to fire - Settings I use AF-S & Single area - Question is how close to target will auto focus work properly & anybody have different settings or methods to use?
  6. I am satisfied with my current use of manual settings on strobes, however I was concerned about doing macro and would TTL be better than manual? Jim K
  7. I presently have a Nikon D70 with 12-24mm lens mounted in ikelite housing, I use Nikon 105's as strobes - My question is it worth it to have housing converted to TTL when available & then added expense of Ikelite D-125 strobes - as I understand only the Ikelight Strobes will function with the TTL? -JimK
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