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  1. Just picking up on this .. I've just taken delivery of a 14 to 54 MkII ( ), and the PPE-02 port and zoom gear seem to work. I've not taken it underwater yet, but I'll be trying it out in Sharm over the next week or two . (and yes, I'd have loved the 12-60, but I've already got a PPE-02, so to take it under would have cost me about 3-4 times as much as the 14-54 ..) Cheers,
  2. Thanks, Steve. I actually did try it, but the ISO went negative
  3. Yes, indeed. Thanks to everyone for their contributions. GoinDown's made a good point on residual values as well (tho' I'm not good at getting rid of things ...) For info .. my PT-E05 seems to come in at about 3lb / 1.2kg. Good estimate. All of this hardware is really a means to an end, and we should each choose the kit that'll work best for the sort of photos we want to take. I'm happy with my decision, given the factors that are important for me at the moment. These were the initial outlay, airline carry-on weight (my arms/tray can go in checked, so they don't really factor in), quality (vs high-end compacts, as much as other DSLRs) - and the cost of replacement when nasty things happen. The trade-off for that meant compromises - the most significant are probably in terms of depth capability (which doesn't really bother me) and noise at high ISO (which does, sometimes, a little bit). But ... that was my choice to make.
  4. That's a really big deal for me. I don't like checking my camera gear (or laptop), so a polycarbonate housing is a big part of my not (too blatantly) exceeding my 5kg carry-on allowance (I've got an Oly E-520 now). Another factor in the whole £$ thing is the market life of the camera - which may now be less than a year after the housing becomes available. I'm sorry if I'm stating the obvious, but I see myself as having committed to the lenses and ports, rather than the camera body. So when the camera dies (as my E-410 did last year), the lenses will hopefully find a new "home" (which will hopefully be compatible with the ports, strobes, ironmongery etc.) - but I know that I may not be able to find a new camera to fit the old housing (I'm trying to buy a spare body or two before the E-520's discontinued). But, when the time comes, replacing an £800 housing will be less painful than replacing one that cost twice the price. Cheers,
  5. Hi everybody I've been using a DigiMagic CD burner for the last year or so. It's been to Tenerife, Malta & Cuba (US & European voltages) and has worked every time. There's a car adapter as well. http://www.digi-magic.com Very simple operation - slide in a CD, pop in your memory card and press the button. I've used it with CompactFlash and an XD-CF adapter. I don't know whether you can span disks - I haven't got a big enough card to find out. It says you can burn multi-session disks (i.e. "burn" more than one card), but I haven't managed to get this to work. No biggy for me - I can copy from one card to another inside my 5050 to assemble a full card. According to the website, they've got a DVD version on the way. Handy for those 3gb cards I'm also wary about hard-disk based solutions (including laptops) - although the Epson looks quite sexy - particularly in transit. This was a simple, cheap solution that works for me. Cheers, Andy (My first post - I've been lurking for a month or so. I'll do a proper introduction when I've got a gallery together - hopefully soon).
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