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  1. SOLD. thanks for your interest (those of you who contacted me directly).
  2. Price dropped to $750 + shipping.
  3. For Sale- Equinox housing for Canon 5d mk3 In good used condition. Exterior of housing shows some scuffing and signs of use. Works well. Dome port has some very minor signs of use, not in pristine condition, but hasn't seemed to impact any of my video or still photography. Can send links to footage recorded in this housing if desired. This housing was super reliable, impressively simple to ensure watertight seals, and easy to see everything inside the housing with the clear back plate, which was great for peace of mind. This style housing isn't ideal in some ways- some of the controls are tricky to activate- but you're either looking at a $5000+ set up, or something like this. It's a great option if you want to take your camera underwater and film or photograph without investing a ton of money. New- $1600 (now $1500). Asking $875 + actual shipping (estimated $25-45). Kit includes housing, dome port (which works with a number of lenses- I used a 16-35mm Canon, and a 100mm macro Canon), and 2 sets of handles (1 set is lead, to add weight; the other set is hollow, when you don't need extra weight). Camera plate, zoom ring, focus ring, and external rubber feet included. Metal plate adapter to add light arms or other accessories, included. Here's a pic of me with the housing (Keldan light and light arm not included). More detailed photos of the housing to follow.
  4. Sold the flat port. Dropping the package price to $3300, plus half of the shipping cost (I'll cover the other half).
  5. For sale. GATES hvx200 housing, with glass flat port and Fathom super wide port (SWP44). Pelicases, o-ring kits, and all original accessories included. $3850.
  6. Dropping the price to $2500 for the housing, $2100 for the SWP. I have the gear listed on ebay as well (pika8). I haven't posted on wetpixel before, but I have 100% positive rating for the other items I've sold. I'm a professional filmmaker, and turn around a fair amount of gear. Let me know if you're interested in the Gates! It's a sweet setup.
  7. GATES Underwater Video Camera Housing for Panasonic HVX-200a (works equally well with hvx200). Asking $2900 for housing. In excellent used condition. This is a killer underwater filming setup. Buy my Fathom super-wide port too, if you have the cash- that seals the deal. This housing is rugged, field adjustable, all mechanical controls (nothing electronic to fiz out and ruin your day). It also swims with utter sweetness- you can trim it to perfection and it will hold steady with a single finger on it. Single owner, purchased new and treated with great care- everything works as it did when it was new. Buy this for less than half what I paid and get yourself a great deal. Original accessories included- handles, base plate, trim weights, manual. Comes with flat port (GATES, glass)- the port glass has a few faint marks from being in the marine environment but nothing that affects the image while shooting. Also included- large rolling pelicase for transport, with custom foam. Plus, spare o-ring kits for maintenance. SWP - Super wide port. In pristine condition. $2350. Includes customized pelicase. Amazing piece of glass- this is the one piece of camera gear I have owned that makes the image look even better than it does in real life. Underwater it helps you take incredible images- it was the best investment I made in my filmmaking career. Everyone on any boat I ever dove from had severe camera envy. Port is in excellent used condition. The glass is pristine. Port comes with a large pelicase for transport, and buoyancy tubes so you can trim the housing to perfection. This port also works with the Sony EX1 Gates housing.
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