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  1. I Have 17-40mm f4.0 L lens and must say that it is very good lens. Not perfect but very good. I Take some climbing pictures with my 20D and this lens so you can check them out at http://www.marulianus.hr/forum/viewtopic.php?t=91
  2. In Croatian TV news just show e-mail from 1 woman who was diving instructor in i think i hear Maldivi and that she and turist she lead survived just because they was going to trip 30 minutes later then usual.... And they say yesterday that they found 1st Croatian wictim (3year old girl).. Last info 67000 dead people and many thousands still missing so they say that will be more then 100 000 people dead... Oh my god I don't know what to say...
  3. Oh my god. last words is there is more then 27000 dead and expect to be more then 50000 Terible desaster...
  4. I never buy from them but many people in Croatia did buy and their reactions was always positive, about everything. So i think you can't have problems...
  5. My opinion as sport photographer for some internet magazines and newspapers.. I need max 2-3 Mpixel for my work but let we say that 4-6Mpixels are probably quantity that will make 99.9% of people happy and they don't need more then that. Pumping up the pixels in cameras are only solution for better marketing because many normal people think that Mpixels make camera good. For me better thing is that then make some other things not only pumping pixels, like (better chip quality, lower noise at high ISO, faster shutter speed, bigger buffer, faster flash sync, dustcleaning in camera (like Oly E-1), live preview at LCD and many other things)
  6. Last informations that there are more then 23000 people died at this horible natural desaster.... I can pray that all guys from this forum are save and alive but don't know what to say...
  7. Definitly one of strangest underwater pictures i see But as it is something new for me i must say i'm realy pleased Definitly not usual to picture
  8. Hi 1st of all Merry Christmas and Happy new 2005 to all you from Croatia Many nice dives and much more nice photos to share with all us. And now back to work: As I'm just started to make my underwater equipment for photography I don't wanna make error and buy something i will need to replaced in some quick time. I curently have this equipment: Canon 20D 17-40 mm f4.0 L 70-200 mm f2,8 L 50mm f1.8 Sigma 24mm f1.8 macro 2 x Canon Speedlite 550EX And of underwater photo equipment i have 1 very old Sealife film camera, so nothing worth of talking about. At begining i want to use this 17-40mm f4,0L lens until i get some money to buy 10-22mm EF-S IS lens and as port for both lens is the same i will not have problem to switching them. Probably in some time i will buy 1 macro lens and 24-70mm f2.8 L (i think curently Ikelite don't have port for that lens). I need strobes and everything else. So if you can sugest me what to buy i will be very happy
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