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  1. I would like to get this to a new home -- I'll part with it for $1000 (originally I bought it at 10K!!)
  2. I'll sell the port for $1200 with any accessories from the housing included.
  3. Package Split: SWP44 -- $1400. No damage. Rest of housing/parts negotiable -- handles/float. Camera -- free with any substantial parts purchased.
  4. Difficult to part with this setup... Adjustable handles allowing you to find the best position for your hands on the controls. Reliable mechanical controls, no electronics. Internal flip color corrector filter. Super Wide Fathom Port SWP44. Anti-reflective coating, 120ยบ field of view. Amazing quality optics for clarity, sharpness, no vignetting. Great condition. This housing has barely been used. I have always maintained the housing properly after use. The Fathom dome port is in new condition. No scratches or watermarks. FX7 camera included if desired, some of the electronic controls have failed and it needs servicing. Battery charger and 5 spare batteries included. Pelican Case for entire package. Asking $3999 for everything (open to discussion).
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