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  1. We had plenty of tools on the Fiji Aggressor II -- nothing we tried worked...either the LCD or the board is fried...there was signal coming through the AV out onto the board, and there was power on the board... I didn't think of removing the board/LCD but don't think it would have made much difference...there's a good amount of space between the back of the HC7 and the back of the housing -- I believe it would have been impossible to see anything. As for Internet connectivity...connectivity options were gone, meaning we were too far North East of Suva, by the time I noticed this unfortunate situation...and trust me we tried many times...talk about frustrating!
  2. I just took my brand new Amphibico Housing for my HC7 to Fiji. I tested it before I left and the monitor worked, but it didn't when I arrived...it sucked doing 22 dives with it and guessing the angle the whole time and not being able to do anything by wide.
  3. I'd like to be able to use my DS-125 with my new Amphibico Dive Buddy Evo SE. Has anyone connected the DS-125 to a Dive Buddy, and if so, how (parts, manufacturer, etc.)? Thanks!
  4. So I posted a bunch of resized images of my recent trip to Palau and the first batch of pics using my 20D underwater...would love constructive feedback since I'm about to take the rig to Bonaire next week...thanks much!!! http://darrylschaffer.members.winisp.net/UWPhoto/default.htm
  5. I'm curious how you configured the #5509.28 special zoom and clamp set with the 10-22mm...I just took mine for it's first swim and struggled to get it set to that it was in a stable position and moving freely (I didn't use any of the foam...it made it worse when I tried to use it), and not moving so that the teeth weren't engaged...could just be me so I'm interested how you got yours to work reliably. Thanks! --Darryl
  6. Excellent report and awesome pics...thanks for taking the time to write it up and for posting the pics Matt...those learnings will come in handy when I take my similar setup on it's maiden voyage (to Palau) in 2 weeks --Darryl _______________________ Canon EOS 20D, Canon 17-85mm, Canon 10-22mm, Canon 100mm w/ Ikelite Housing, Ikelite DS-125, Ikelite Ports 5503.50 & 5505.45
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