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    olympus OM-D EM5 12-50 mm
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  1. I am a EM 5 user since 2012 and and I still very happy with it. I'm not leaving this format !!!!!
  2. I think separate forums would be better and I am a 4/3 user
  3. Hi Mattia, If what you do is mostly snorkeling, I recommend you the RX100. But if you are more interested in macro photography, the OLY em5 in a Nauticam Housing with the dedicated 12-50 port is the best option-value for your money. Semi w/a and very good macro quality, everything in a single port. It all depends on what are really your preferences, because if you travel without Strobes, the difference in size is not that big. http://www.flickr.com/photos/franzo67/sets/72157630479186240/
  4. Hi Berkeleyan, Does the Airlock system from backscatter work with OM-D in Nauticam housing ? A couple a days ago, I made the same question to the people of Backscatter and here is the answer: “The Nauticam housing does have an accessory bulkhead spot, so Yes. The AirLock will work on the NA-EM5 housing.” Thank you, Sean Boone
  5. A lot of people are talking about all the benefits of the sidemount BC and Buoyancy in recreatinal diving. Does anybody has experience taking pictures with a sidemount ? Is it true that sidemount gives you more stability? Thanks
  6. Yesterday I went diving for the first time with my new OM-D and I would like to share with you some photos. My Rig :om-d + nauticam housing + Oly 12-50 zoom and macro port, Sea & Sea YS-D1 dual strobes + Sola 800 focus light. Dive Location: Chichiriviche de la Costa, State: Vargas, Venezuela
  7. I am a long time nikon fan and really Like the D 7000. Great camera with great picture quality BUT… Travel size does matter! And that is why I decided to buy the OM D I can pack everything in a small Backpack ( om-d + nauticam housing + Oly 12-50 zoom and macro port, Sea & Sea YS-D1 dual strobes with arms + Sola 800 focus light and 13” Laptop and I think that I still have more room for the pany 8mm and 4”domeport.( My next purchase ) I use the Temba shootout rolling backpack medium size. Any decision you make will be the right one, the two cameras are very good
  8. Depth of field is also affected by the focal length and sensor format. My question originates when I was reading Martin Edge, The Underwater Photographer, Fourth edition 2010. . Page 152 , and he makes the following postulate: “Being much smaller than SLRs in terms of lens and sensor size, etc., apertures have different values. For readers using digital compacts underwater, I would like you to relate a compact aperture of f4 as being comparable with f8 on an SLR ” Since 4/3 is an intermediate format between compact and DSLR, could I assume then that f 4 in Compacts is similar to f 5.6 in 4/3 and f8 in DSLR? thanks again
  9. Hi, recently I got my new Olympus OM –D with the 12-50 mm lens kit and a Nauticam Housing, it is my first time with a mirrorless micro 4/3 system. I would like to know if the depth of field and the f stops are similar to the DSLR cameras? Thanks.
  10. For all the OM-D Users: Happy New Year! Best wishes for 2013. may God bless you all with health, prosperity and happiness...
  11. my congratulations Conny, The pics are gorgeous!!!!
  12. Thanks to all of you, I won’t float it!!! Hopefully and I will attach some fiber optic cables.
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