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  1. PENDING SALE Camera includes original battery, charger, USB cable, strap, flash, original box with manual. After market grip L bracket, Wall charger and 2 batteries. Camera is in excellent used condition. Bought camera new from Olympus. Babied from day 1. See pics for details. $450 Camera only. Housing includes original box, manual O-Ring, port cover, large diffuser, small plastic flash cover (cracked but works fine), 2 fiber optic port cap plugs. 1 spare Olympus O-Ring new in sealed bag. Housing is in excellent used condition. Bought housing new from Olympus. Never flooded. Rinsed housing and buttons after every dive. Always inspected, cleaned, lubed O-Ring before every dive, leaked checked before every dive. Front control dial has the modification to allow Mini dome installation. See pics for details. $450 Housing only. Camera/housing together. $800. Paypal only. Will contribute $25 towards shipping.
  2. If you break it up I'm interested in the Zen dome. What is the condition and price.
  3. I want to try this underwater as well. I was able to get some good shots on land then stacked with Helicon. I have the EM5 MK2 so it will be "bracketing". I'm thinking to maximize ambient light in shallow water and use my two video lights for fill. A tripod would be a must. The subject should be stationary or very slow moving. Apparently the focus shifting is done with the sensor not the lens so it's utilizing the sensor stabilization function so it should even work on manual lenses.
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