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  1. Hi Kelvin - yes the dome is acrylic. I have sent you a message with my e-mail on it. Please contact me directly through that, it will make things easier. Best regards Kevin
  2. I am selling my Sea and Sea Canon 5D Mkii system as I am no longer diving. I will be selling the package as a whole and will not split items. This is a superb underwater camera set up that produces great results with both wide angle and macro. I dived with the Canon 16-35mm L Series zoom and the Canon L Series 100mm Macro lenses. I have dived over 150 times with this system without any problems at all – it has never been flooded. All of the kit is in perfect working order but does have minor scratches and scuff marks as you would expect after so many dives. The glass on the macro port and flat port is pristine. There are minor abrasions on the dome port , but they do not affect image quality at all. The 4 screws on the dome port were used to attach a 1kg weight. I found the housing floated on it’s back and needed the weight to bring the dome port to the horizontal when shooting wide angle. The system includes: MDX Housing 8 Inch Dome Port NX Extension NX Flat Port Nx Macro Port 50 NX Macro Port extension Zoom ring for Canon 16-35mm lens Reef Net swing arm adapter for attaching dioptres such as the Subsee +10 Double Synch cord Single Synch cord TTL converter (bought second hand – never used) O rings for all components plus at least one spare for each The system cost over GBP4000 new. I am selling it for 1500GBP. It is located in Abu Dhabi, but I will ship worldwide at a reasonable rate. I may also be able to bring the system to UK and ship from there. Please feel free to ask any questions or request more pictures. Kevinduell@gmail.com
  3. Hi - is anyone using the Sea and Sea TTL converter 50118 with YS D1 strobes? If so, which strobe setting are you using A, B, C or D? The documentation I got with the converter does not mention the YS D1 as the strobe wasn't out when the converter was made. Any tips for using it? I have been manual through and through, but thought I would give TTL a go. Thanks Kevin
  4. Hi everyone. I am Kevin from UK but currently living in the UAE. Long time lurker on the site! I have a Canon 5D mike in a Sea and Sea housing with two YS d1s - great set up so far. Anilao last November, Bali next month.......
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