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    Nikon D4
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    Subal ND4
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    Sea &Sea ys-d1 and Subtronic Alpha
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    ULCS strobe arms, L&M modelling lights
  1. Thanks Tim, The reasoning of my question was to figure out if there is enough good reasons that would overpower the negative points of increased size and weight. I am using Nikon D4 and electric cables so the fibers will not be the issue in my case. If there are no real image quality benefits when using Sigma 15mm it's hard to find good reasoning for additional investment.
  2. Are there any image quality benefits of using the Subal DP-230 dome port against using the Subal DP-FE dome port on a Nikon full frame DSLR (Nikon D4) when the following lenses are used: Sigma 15mm lens (compatibility chart from Subal does only list DP-FE): Any experience on how it will work with Subal DP-230 dome? Nikon AF-s 16-35mm / 4.0G ED VR: Any considerable image quality benefits of using Subal DP-230 rather than DP-FE that I have been using in the past?
  3. Greetings from Finland, My name is Juha. I have been diving with Nikon DSLR and Subal housing combinations for several years
  4. I had the same issue. I returned the leaking one after first dive and re-seller sent back a new one under warranty.
  5. Hi, I used my Nikon 14mm / 2.8 today with Nikon D4 + Subal ND4 housing with EXR-20/4 extension tube and DP-FE4 dome. The conditions were not ideal (no ambient light) and some backscatter. With f3.2 it is soft from the corners, I did not try other f-stops to find how it would behave. This was my first dive with the lens in this setup and I will carry on experimenting in the future dives.
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