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  1. Hi guys, just wondering if anyone has used both of these and how they rate them? Im looking at buying the Olympus 8mm f1.8 and my two options for the dome are the Zen 170mm or the Nauticam 140mm. How do these compare and are there any others that work with the 8mm?? Id like a slightly bigger port so i can do some over/under shots. I currently use the Olympus 9-18mm as well, so if I could fit that in as well that would be a bonus.
  2. Has anyone had issues with these lights? Mine failed recently on a dive. turned off. I couldnt turn it back on. Then it turned on itself. Then the lcd screen turned off but the light stayed on. Then it wouldnt turn off and I had to let it run out. Its getting looked at under warranty. just wondering if anyone else had similar issues.
  3. Does anyone have any experience with these lenses? Im shooting with the 9-18mm. I usually use it at 9mm. Are the two new lenses good enough to justify the expense? The 9-18 is pretty sharp in the centre but drops off dramatically on the edges and I could do with something a touch wider for the Mantas. What ports are people using?
  4. thanks guys. program mode might work, ill give that a shot. anyone got experience with DSLRs and WB for video?
  5. I have an OMD EM5 with Nauticam housing. only problem is there is enough light I cant white balance. which makes its super hard to get good video. It simply comes up with a screen that says something like, "cannot white balance." My question is, are all M4/3 cameras like this? does anyone have experience with the GH4 that they can share? Also, are DSLRS like the 5dMKIII any better? or can anyone recommend a camera that has this dialled?
  6. Anyone used this yet? Ive got a Inon +6 but would like something stronger. Can anyone compare it to this or the Nauticam SMC? Cheers Stü
  7. I had a similar problem a while ago and many people suggested it was the image stabilisation. I cant tell you how to fix it as the noise mine was making stopped abruptly and i havent heard it since. Maybe try resetting the firmware?
  8. I tried turning it off but i still get the same noise when filming. Ill try it again and see if i was doing something wrong.
  9. Ive got a small problem when filming movies in my nauticam housing. There is a constant buzzing noise which didnt appear to be a problem when i first used it underwater. I basically have to mute all sound from my films if they were filmed in the housing. I cant hear a small noise when filming on land but it does not affect the sound of the films. Has this happened to anyone else?
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