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  1. Very nice report, and great whaleshark shots. I know what it's like trying to keep up with them. Quite an achievement with a large camera rig. Thanks.
  2. I went from a 5050 in an Ike housing to a DSLR early this year. It's a hard choice, and mine was a smaller step than yours (just a Nikon D70). I looked at Nexus, Aquatica and Subal housings, with all imaginable port configurations. Long story short, I wound up right back at Ikelite. It might not look quite as sexy as the metal housings, but it had everything I needed, including excellent TTL, and the price was as good as it gets. It still wasn't cheap for me, I can't afford to throw money around, but when I considered all my lens options, and the ports I would need, the Ike fulfilled every category. And if the worst happens, and it begins to flood, at least I can see it, and get a fighting chance. Six months on, I think it was still the right choice. Good luck with whatever you choose, I believe it's a very nice camera (although with full frame, your lens choice will make a big difference). David
  3. Hi Hamish, Good to see your photos mate, very nice. Those hammers were difficult to shoot under the conditions weren't they? David
  4. Thanks everybody. To try and answer the questions, I was very close to all subjects, but not close enough. I used the standard 6" Ike dome, as the 8" wasn't available in the UK. Using a Nikkor 12-24, I found that I couldn't focus quite as close as I would like. next time............. All photos were taken in 5m or less of water. No filters etc. just the camera, housing, strobes. David
  5. These shots are my first attempt with a DSLR underwater, using a D70 in the Ikelite housing with twin DS125s. Tigers Great hammerhead Lemon All were taken on a Jim Abernethy shark safari a couple of weeks ago. David
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