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  1. I shoot a cp5000/ike rig. although it's an older camera it still does things that most newer P&S can't do. Like shoot in RAW and you can throw out those extra macro lens' too. Don't need them with this rig. But......life moves on. You would be better off getting the sp350 at this time. Maybe someday the camera companies will start building P&S like the Oly 5050 and the cp5000 again. BUT DON"T HOLD YOUR BREATH!
  2. Hey Ron......... I was considering the fuji E900, But I'm gonna' check out the casio now too. Thanks for the heads up
  3. I Need some input on a good backup P&S camera and housing. I am moving into dSLR territory soon. Right now I shoot a cp5000/ike and absolutely love its macro capabilities. I need some suggestions on which P&S to use as a backup/ fun camera. Here are some of my "wishlist" capabilities: 1) minimal shutter lag 2) good/great macro capabilities 3) ability to use/adapt WA wet lens to housing 4) compact dedicated housing (this is a backup afterall (read carry-on) 5) ability to use either Inon or Ike strobes any suggestions would be appreciated
  4. Ike;............ This might help. I just tried the HS here at home and it slides in with just a little coaxing. It usually does that. But sometimes it is an absolute bear to get in all the way (usually on a dive trip). Not real sure why, but your mod. may make it easier. Things always seem to work fine on "the bench", then screw up in the "real world". Just the way the world works I guess
  5. the hotshoe connection was my first thought on the miss-firing also. I have the same setup only with the ds125s. this has happened to me also. seems that the connection is a common problem. (extremely hard to slide the connector ALL the way forward to make a complete connection. I wonder if there is some electrical lubricant that can be used to facilitate this proceedure?
  6. This is a question for present and former users of the cp5000. What made it such an almost "semiperfect" choice for an UW camera? I have have one now, and know some of the more obvious shortfalls (ie. Shutter lag, long Raw write time, did I say Shutter lag, etc). But what were/are its excellent points? The reason I'm asking is that IF I was to upgrade, what details would I look for that keep the best of the 5000, but address it's flaws? And does any cameras out now come closer to this ideal. (looking names here). I understand the cp8400 is an improvement, but has sacrificed the terrific macro ability of the 5000. Am a relative novice at UW P&S digital cameras. But have an adequate backround in above water film photography.
  7. You will need an external strobe to get any decent photos no matter what housing you use. So IMHO it is a non-issue
  8. This looks very interesting. But why couldn't the magnifier be velcroed on like people have done with the xtendaview? Anyone try this? I'm not knocking this install, it seems practically bullet proof; but I'm lazy, and mechanicly challenged, so I tend to gravitate toward the "Keep It Simple" school.
  9. I was checking out the Xtendaview site and saw that they have a "variable" model. Does anyone have this model on a housing. It says you can focus it as opposed to the fixed std model. It also says that the eyepiece can be removed, and the housing just used as an sunshade.(sounds like a good option to me). The reason I ask is because I often don't put my Ikelite housing that close to my mask when taking shots. And I think that sqinting into an eyepiece, through the mask may be rather awkward. Am I wrong? could use some first hand experience here. Thanks B)
  10. I was looking at a HP dv3010 (i think that's the number). But after reading all the feedback about the s-----y support, I figure I don't need that kind of aggrevation. Kinda' leaning towrds the Sony s-series now. More money, but since I don't speak Hindi (HP support in Delhi) I figure it may be worth it. Anyone know how good Sony's support is? I was also looking at Fujitsu. Any feedback one their support?
  11. Okay.. I've decided I need a laptop to download pics into and do abit of editing while on trips. BUT................... being electronicly challenged, I need some advice as to which one. Anyone have some first hand experience? I guess it should be: Affordable light as possible have dvd burn capabilities able to play some games/long plane trips as many ports as possible did I say Affordable? any help would be greatly appreciated as I had NO Idea there were S-o-o-o MANY laptops out there! And my computer training stopped at putting a quarter in it, and try to avoid the large Monkey pounding his chest!
  12. With apologies to Ike............... Get the ULCS arms. Ike's are good, but ULCS is superior. specially with the heavier strobes.
  13. Not sure if this is the right forum, but will give it a shot. Anyone have a suggestion one what is the correct way to pack strobes in a large photocase so that the security screeners don't have a snit. Specificly, is it best to keep battery packs separate, or do they freak out if they are attached to the strobe ( ie Ikelite DS125s). ....... Just trying to keep as many hands out of my stuff as possible
  14. I could use some suggestions on what portable storage devices you can recommend. I'm not fluent in these things (read: pre-genX-er). So I would need something user friendly. My perfect description would be.......... Shove the compactflash card in it; press a button (or better yet.... yell at it) to transfer the images Now!: pull out compactflash card and go take more pictures. That's it. that's all i want it to do ( Oh yeah............ also needs to be able to download to my desktop simply) It really doesn't need to play MP3s, or video games, or do my laundry. Just store my images temporarily. HELP!
  15. Thanks all. Just needed to know what seems to work for others out there. Like I said, I know what doesn't work. And a rapidly descending camera system is something I can do without seeing again. Paranoia strikes deep!!
  16. Anyone have a reliable way to attach a ikelite housing SECURELY to a bcd D ring? I have a cp 5000 housing (two handles), and can't find a good place to attach a split ring. I could drill a spot in the camera tray, but if anyone has a better idea... I'm listening. Also, any recommendations on retractors or spiral leashes? I already have donated one camera setup to davey jones. Would hate to repeat the event. Any suggestions no involving a welder, towing cable and duct tape would be greatly appreciated (I've already thought of those myself)
  17. Okay, I know this has been asked a gazillion times before,. But not by me. I am a digital novice and have a cp5000w/ ikelite housing. I am looking for suggestions on strobe selection. So........ would a single ds 125 be a better starting place, than (2) ds 50s? I shoot everything from macro to WA recreationally. I need a good starting place for a system that will obviously grow as I climb the learning curve and resign myself to schlepping around more and more STUFF! anyone out there have experience between these two systems? Thanks :?
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