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  1. Hi buceo, can you please give me more information about this? I also think of modding my DX-D80 Greetings Tom
  2. Next time I think you should search here Humberto... Look here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=27560 I tried the 17-70 in my DX-D80 and the optical Dome (+SX and 40 Extensions) - I like the Results maybe the next time I'll try a +2 Diopter for better edge sharpness. Some first results on my Testpage... Greetings Tom
  3. See here: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=27560 Greetings Tom
  4. Hi everybody, I also made two Zoomgears - inspired by this thread! I used a pipe with two rubbers inside - connection piece or so - and got nearly the same as velcro from my brother from his work (industrial thing - both sides are plastic). So I just wanted to do it for the Sigma 17-70 but noticed the pipe fitted perfect for the Nikkor 12-24: Here for the Sigma 17-70: Here it's in the housing: Thanks everybody for your inspiration Greetings Tom
  5. Bought TTL Adapter from kkgodiving - everything went perfect! Nice Condition and perfect shipping. Thanks again - Tom
  6. Hi Kenneth, in the new Catalog Sea&Sea recommends also the Fisheye-Dome for Canon but not for Nikon-Housings. I don't know why... Greetings Tom
  7. Hi @ll, I've found the new Catalog online: Sea&Sea Catalog 2009 Does someone have more information about the new TTL-Converter (YS Converter/N)? Greetings Tom
  8. Hi guys, i'm nearly in the same situation as Pat - I got a Sea&Sea DX-D80 and a 17-70. Maybe later I want to get my 12-24 and 60 macro wet but for the beginning the 17-70 I think is right for me. What about the distortions -> has someone with this combination a picture at 17mm where they are visible? I don't want the same soft corners as my 8080 has in the pt-023... A dealer also recommended me the Athena Fisheye Vario Port (he said - same as the Optical Dome). Any suggestions? The previous owner of my housing had the 17-70 in the Fisheye-Dome with an Extension - but I think it's quite bulky as you all say... He uses the Zoomgear from the 10-17 with electrical tape around the lens to fit. Will the Zoomgear for the 12-24 do the same? Greetings Tom
  9. Hi @ll, I also wanted to buy an Ikelite Housing with the 6" for the 17-70 for the beginning but delayed it ... So do you think it's a problem with the big 8", especially in macro situations? There are also advantages like using my 12-24 in it maybe. Greetings Tom
  10. HI, someone said to me that it would help to grind an piece of apple over the front. BUT I didn't tried yet - Maybe someone could try it - without any warranty from me ;-) Greetinx Tom
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