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  1. Looked at the Aggressor and it is $5000 for the trip. Is it worth it? Are there any other boats that offer more, or are cheaper and just as good?
  2. Going through South American next may/june. Doing the Amazon and keen to shoot out to Galapagos. Return flights from Quito are around $500 which seems ok. But a 6 day/5 night budget land based diving trip has been quoted at $1990. And a live-aboard yacht which includes 4 days of diving is around $1600. Can you turn up, get a cheap hotel and book your own dive trips a bit cheaper? Anyone got any links/info on companies that are good to go with?
  3. Thinking of taking this tour: http://www.indiana-expedition.com/tianaconda.html and wondering if anyone knows the company, or another worth checking out. Has anyone seen Anacondas, Piranha, and Dolphins? Did you take an organized tour, or make your own arrangements?! I am only going to take a Gopro and UW housing to save space, and reduce the risk of theft.
  4. Do you not have insurance? I know it is not the same, but if you are carting around $20k worth of gear, surely you would have it?!
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