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  1. I have a C5050 Olympus w/dual YS-90 strobes and dual sync cord. My settings with the YS-90 are set to TTL and Slave "on" buy iy does not fire the strobes. My current settings are: Flash mode slow-flash intensity (-2)-auto focus AF set to "flower"-flash is at "slave". My question is are these settings correct for underwater close up and why doesn't the stobes work or fire? To fire the stobes, should the camera be set to "slave"? What does the "ROC" button do? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG-I need help now since we're on a dive trip in Curacao and the camera is new to me? Any and all help appreciated.
  2. My wife just purchased a C5050 Olympus camera/housing/strobes, etc. and is having a little difficulty w/the camera, settings, etc. This is all new to her since she was using a Sony video camera for u/w videos/photos. We are leaving on Thursday for Curacao and would like to know if there is anyone on the island that we could contact for instructions or lessons on the equipment? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I just purchased a C5050 Olympus camera w/a Compact flash disk. Everytime I take a picture, I get horizonal lines in the picture both in the lcd screen and when I print the pictures. Any ideas as to what the problem could be? Going on a dive trip next week so I need to rectify the problem immediately. :?:
  4. I just purchased a underwater camera kit including strobes, focus light, digital camera and housing. Since I want to be prepared, I'm putting together a "first aid kit" in case of flooding. However, is it worthwhile to carrying a bottle (1 liter) of distilled water or is distilled water readily available in most areas? I would think distilled water would be hard to find in most regions. Please let me know what other people do or carry in their "first aid kit". Thanks
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