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  1. I'm not buying one, I'm selling a Nauticam d800 housing.
  2. Is the canon 16-35 dramatically better than the 17-40?
  3. Will the 16-35 give me dramatically better results or slightly better than the 17-40. My wife is using a 5d mark3 in a Nauticam housing behind a Zen 230 dome?
  4. I used the 105 for the last year on my D800 and had excellent results. Additionally, I've used the Subsee +5 and 10 with great results as well.
  5. What is the proper extension ring size for a Zen 230 dome being used on a Nauticam Mark 3 housing, using a 17-40 lens? The nauticam port chart does not list Zen domes.
  6. Ill ship anywhere in the world to a confirmed address. $3100 US dollars plus shipping.
  7. Sure. Ill ship to a confirmed address in Germany
  8. For sale, Nauticam D800 housing in excellent shape.
  9. I saw the reef photo attachment. So my question is can I switch Out the Subal mount to a Nauticam mount? Do you take PayPal. Finally, what's the best price you can do?
  10. Perfect. I would love to buy it. Is it still in excellent condition? Will it fit a Nauticam ousting or do I need to get a new mount for it?
  11. Im interested in purchasing a Zen 230mm dome
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