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  1. I am looking to pick up a spare housing as a backup. Located on US East Coast.
  2. Just found out the answer to the question above (bought the set and it just came in the mail). So, if anyone else is wondering: Yes, it's very slightly larger. Ellen
  3. Hmmm, good point about the load of the ankle weight on the port. What do you normally do with the weight, James? Also, do you know the answer to the question about the clamp? Or Ike, are you around? Thanks. Ellen
  4. Thanks, Karl. And great idea about the ankle weight! I might have to try that. BTW, very nice shots on your site. Ellen
  5. I recently purchased the 8" dome port and Canon 10-22mm. The clamp I have from the #5503 is a bit snug on the lens but works. I'm curious what the difference is with the #5509.28 special zoom and clamp set (i.e., is it just a bit larger?). Also, the chart on the Ikelite site doesn't say that the 8" port works with the Sigma 15mm FE, although I believe that it does, per previous threads on this site. Am I correct? And one last question: How are some of you handling the extra weight needed on the housing due to the air volume under the dome (as far as placement and attachment)? Okay I lied ... here's the last question: Are most using a shade on this port? Thanks.
  6. Wow! Lots of great info here. Thanks for all of the explanations. Think I'm going to hang onto the fisheye for now and make a final decision on whether to keep it once I have more experience with the two lenses.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. A friend of mine wanted to buy the 15mm, but I think I'll hang onto it for now. I was also wondering if there were any particular advantages of this lens for over/under shots as well.
  8. I bought the 15mm FE as part of my original underwater package, and just recently purchased the 10-22mm although I've not had it in the water yet. I'm wondering whether I really have a need for the 15mm anymore. Thoughts or advice?
  9. Thanks. That's what I'm checking on as cadigitaldiving.com never responded to my email. Is the pricing pretty consistent?
  10. Thanks, James. Sounds good. Okay, next questions: Anyplace with the 8" in stock? And anyone want to buy a barely used #5503?
  11. Looking at the chart on the Ikelite site, it looks like a +4 diopter is not needed but a #5509.28 special zoom and clamp set is. Just wanted to confirm prior to purchase. I've been watching the tests with the 8" dome, and as much as I'd like to give it a shot, I'm not sure I can justify it. Anything else I should be considering? One nice thing is that it would let me eliminate one port since I could use it for the 15mm and the 10-22mm. Thanks. Ellen
  12. Thanks, James. I'll check them out. Ellen
  13. How long did it take? I've had my camera for quite awhile as I bought it when the 300D first came out. It's hard to imagine that it would loosen up anymore than it already has ... Thanks for the idea, though.
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