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  1. I'm using 2 1510 carry on, one to check in with the housing, one dome port and one macro port, handles, ball heads, sync cables, 45degree view finder all in the check in case. The other 1510 hand carry with the camera, lens, two Z240 and charger + accessories. This works for me as I always travel with my wife and we can use our max allowable weight and number of luggage to fit in these two 1510 + a Mares large wheeled bag to check in all our dive gears.
  2. Thanks for the video. I was in Nusa Penida a few years back for observing Manta rays and that the issue of pollution in the sea wasn't as serious as seen in the video maybe becoz of timing or it does worsen over time. I'm sharing this video hoping everyone would aware of the importance of protecting the environment and thus protecting all species on Earth.
  3. Just personal taste. Maybe trimming some of the the far left and bottom would help the subject to stands out. blacken a bit of the background and add highlights may help a bit too
  4. Really nice video, definitely can please a dive tourist looking for a dive vacation. Side question: May I know in which month these footage were filmed? Thanks!
  5. Thank you very much for the comments. I'm looking for a housing for my wife's 6D and would definitely keep an eye on improvements from EasyDive then, thanks!
  6. Would you try mirrorless APS-C camera like NEX? The housing for it is not expensive and a set under USD4000 should be possible. I don't have info to say M4/3 would be worser than APS-C sensor but judging from pixel density it seems that the noise control and color could be better on APS-C sensor. Correct me if I'm wrong Thanks!
  7. Read an introduction on a dive magazine and pretty impressed by the design of capable to house different models of DSLR from Canon and Nikon by only switched the mount plate. Does anyone use this housing and is it a good option? Thanks!
  8. Thanks Pete for sharing the tear down and review. Interested to learn the test results and comments
  9. Support! We should protect sharks not to eat hunt them for the fins. I love to see sharks while diving, of course for friendly encounters only
  10. Good to know pmooney, thanks! Will there be TTL available? Thanks!
  11. Hi Yako, You can refer to this post "Diy Led underwater flash strobe" in another section, there is circuit diagram. I twisted it by referring to some strobe circuit I found on Internet. Just a few components as you can see from the picture, plus a MOSFET. Enjoy your DIY project. Cheers!
  12. These is no latest news from Nauticam for the optical trigger I end up made one myself to use in the Nauticam 5D3 housing.
  13. Would recommend Lembeh in Indonesia for warm water and easy dives with lots of critters that are not common in other dive locations
  14. I've own 3 different camera housing with different setups will use different methods, also depends on how the DM and boat staff's help and agree to MortenHansen that there are different other conditions that affects how to enter with gear. With a small DC with no strobe I hold with one hand pressing on the belt either jump into or roll into the sea. With strobes I normally try to ask boat staff to help pass it to me once I'm OK in the water. If sea condition required immediate decent after jump in that I would make sure the gear set is hooked onto my BCD and still hold the set with one hand against my body and with other hand pressing the mask and jump or roll in. Of course a dive check to make sure the weight of the gear set is just slightly negative is important.
  15. This is my little project for use on my 5D3 in Nauticam housing. I'm using Z240 so works perfectly. http://www.flickr.co..._hk/8681268490/
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