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  1. Has the world gone mad????? Know your audience...shoot and encode(to ntsc or pal) as required. Not - spend your life re-watching footage(simultaneously on twin screens) and hoping that your audience has good eyesight and a v. good telly! Some idiots are still shooting with - videographers who'll work free, crap cameras, scratched lenses, bad or no editing, no creativity etc etc for customers with 1-20 dives, who dont know what they're watching, on a shit old telly(not LCD or plasma), a DVD player that plays nothing but toast...and dont even know how to open the Mpeg4 file that I posted for them anyway AAAAARRRRrrrggghhhhhhh. There are more obvious problems to this job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi Thebes Definately not sure about "elite" or "few" Most sites do seem to treat video as the bastard son of u/w photography. However, if your interested in the art of videography (storyboarding,editing,encoding and creative ideas) get yourself over to Digital director Wedding videographers, paragliders, snowboarders ....and u/w videographers all discuss problems and ideas in detail. I find most u/w dedicated sites seem to concentrate on "I've-got- a-bigger,-more-expensive-camera-than-you" attitude rather than the learning/creative side. My 2 cents worth.....hope to see you on the Digital Director
  3. I use a sony PC120 (a few models previous to the 330,350). When I realised that my Gates housing would outlive the camera, I started collecting second hand 120s from ebay. Its almost cheaper than getting them fixed. A Pc120 originally cost £1000 approx...I pick up my backup machines now for £300 approx!
  4. Its very easy to import avi files to Adobe Premiere (or other software) and colour correct them. However, if you dont have any editing software ....youre going to have to find someone who does! Neil
  5. Hi Rob, My opinion is that the direct to DVD recording camcorders are just a gimmick. Not sure that I see the sole advantage of immediately watching footage from disc. I dont know anyone who doesnt enjoy even a minimal amount of editing on the computer to tidy up their shots. Mini DV tape has done the job for years so I suggest you stay with tape. The "mini DVD" on the camera you are looking at, causes even more fuss by having you transfer to normal DVD and then finalise the disc before playing in on a player! Being limited to 18 mins footage per dive could prove disasterous if it turns out to be the best dive in history! ( ie. whales,dolphins and sharks swimming in formation around you ) DV tape will give you 60 mins. Not sure that all the housing companies do one for that model either ,Ikelite does tho', and I wouldnt go near the sony housing. I'd suggest that you look at the cheaper 3CCD cameras. Some of the older models are real workhorses and have been recommended for years. I reckon the DVD camcorders will become obsolete pretty fast. .......but thats just my opinion.... Neil
  6. I've mostly ignored the audio when I import to my timeline anyway. Unless youve got some really interesting sound that you'd like to record on a regular basis. My cameras mike inside the (gates) housing has picked up most of the unusual sounds anyway....whalesong, clownfish attacking the lens, buddy whooping with joy thru his regs etc etc. You can add most other sound effects whilst editing, so I wouldnt see the point in the hydrophone. Neil
  7. Any UK members out there know of a good SONY repairer???? My Sony DCR PC 120 has died (no image on LCD hence nothing to record) and has been greatly outlived by gates housing. I'm desperate to get it looked at, but some shops quote "£60 to take a look at it but still might not be able to fix". Also I'm looking for any second hand PC120s, as its a great small setup with the gates. The housing is bullet proof, as gates say, but the sonys certainly aint....I'll stockpile some spare cameras for the future. All the 120s that appear on ebay seem to get stupidly overbid....I got a brand new one 2 years ago for £700! Unfortunately sonys guarantee was only one year Any good UK repairers????
  8. Hopefully youve not had the housing too long....Get a refund! What kind of design would end up with those results. We all get reflection when shooting into the sun but shooting down too ?!? Sack 'em.
  9. Hi Caurro, Not entirely sure why you'd like the smallest camcorder, the housing sizes seem more variable...but the sony pc dcr range are housed in a compact manner by Gates. I use them, not only cos of the compact housing but also the open LCD facility so I'm not stuck with my eye to the viewfinder for the whole dive. I find the ikelites, amphibicos etc a bit bulkier and of course I avoid electronic housings like the plague. Manual controls mean you wont shag the contacts as well as the camcorder if you flood! <_<
  10. Hi! Just been offered a good deal on a Sony DCR PC330. I already have a PC120 in a gates housing and wondered if anyone knows if the 330 fits the same Gates housing?
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