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  1. Awesome shots- I bet you have a few of those framed on the wall! They are some mean looking bad boys- all Tigers? Excellent water clarity, I would really like to go out there sometime.
  2. Among my best shots ever , I believe..... thank's to everyone here that helped me get there... 17-85 IS on Canon 20D ( w +4 diopter) , Ike housing....dual strobes on # 1 ,single strobe # 2, natural light # 3 Again wouldn't be here without help from this board...
  3. Simple answer is that the system will focus with far less accuracy without the +4- dome point alters " virtual image". ie where the target appears to sensor as to where it really is.......it will work sometimes but less often........I know cause I have forgotten to put it on several times Then you can't get a focus lock ie red flash in viewfinder, won't shoot exposures without focus and that is when you remember the diopter............ GREAT combo though..........examples here with diopter http://splash.smugmug.com/gallery/1204003 it just works better with it get the B + H version it allows good macro topsite as well............. =
  4. I can see that.... I am thinking shallow dive + lottsa particulant matter stirred up might be good with no strobes......... Just went through your shots from the Bahamas......... Maybe I gotta house my 300 mm holy *&6%$,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  5. Just found Alex Mustards weblink on the filters- don't think I can miss the oppurtunity here.
  6. Thank's William- always good advice. What do you think about the Magic filter here?
  7. Pretty much my thoughts. Are you the Magic filter guru?
  8. Hello, always get the BEST advice here. I have the "original" 8 inch dome that was actually the Aquatica adoption.(5510.80) It came with a black crown shade cover- fits real snug around the port, but dosen't want to stay there. There are some very tiny (6) set screws around the circumfrence of the base of the crown, original owner thought they were allen wrench, that looks as if they would hold it in place. The screws either are broken too short, or somethin else.(Allen wrenches don't fit) Anyone know how this cover is supposed to afix? It looks like the way to go for protection, I am about to drill new holes in it. Secondly- intend to Dive with Stuarts Cove in a week or so. I am intending to bring 10-22, 17-85, and 60 mm macro lenses and ports. Anyone have any basic comments on shooting the area? I will have 2 DS-125's as well. Thinking the magic filter might be a very good thing here. Last question- ( at the moment)-I have been shooting mostly manual topside- I am discovering it is very tough to see the exposure meter thru a mask. Seems like it would be less taxing to go with Aperture priority, set for back ground. Are the various close up attachments for the MASK of any merit here? After all my pool practice , and three years of the old point & shoot, I am biting the bit. Thank- you all hoping to bring back some good stuff soon. Marty Everhard SLC UT PADI Divemaster
  9. Excellent shots/ posting- guess I be getting the filter soon........
  10. Williams responce is right on the money. And having both lenses myself, the 10-22 is twice the lens the 18-55 is.
  11. I agree there, the name brand cards seem less troublesome & faster- and you'll want 1 gig minimums, 1 per day then you can number them and cross reference them later. ( or a way to download them ).I have been getting the sandisk ultra 2 @ B & H, currently about $89.00. Although it's tempting to go with 512 mb, that camera will eat em up fast, and you'll wind upusing the 1 or larger cards. The camera is a gas- I love mine.
  12. That is way better than I would have thought.....
  13. Thank you for posting the shot's Wolf Eel
  14. Sounds like a great idea. Mucho gracias amigo- best idea I had yet is a dog leash........
  15. DRFISCUS- Would you elaborate on your contraption a little? Thank's
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