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  1. NO KIDDING!!! It worked! I had given up on my flooded MD (for over 7 months!). Freeze it for an hour and managed to format it and even filled the whole 1G with pictures and data.


    The last time I tried to use in my laptop & camera it was "ringing/buzzing" so loud.


    Thanks a lot for the tips.


    btw.... will it stop working again after sometime??? is it risky to use it to store pictures? B)

  2. You can visit the wreck in Tulamben (Bali - Indonesia), all dives will be from the sand-less shore. Great place for Macro shots. Btw, if I am not wrong, currently there is a promotion from Silk air to Manado from Singapore, just ask around.


    You also can go to west australia (exmouth) and dive the Point Murat Navy Pier, this place is packed with marine life, a lot of sharks, 1+ meter queensland groupas, octopus etc etc etc, amazing place although it is a bit eerie to me.

  3. Uranium, the event is mainly to raise awareness about sharks in Singapore (sad thing is some ppl does not even know that if you fin a shark you actually killing them, they thought fin is like finger nails...)

    Every shark walker will be given a little shark 'fact&figure' message pinned to back of your t-shirts.

    The event is open to anybody who wants to show their support for sharks and you are welcome if you are interested :huh:

  4. I have 2 shots taken under a shaded place (not underwater) with same camera setting except the white balance, one is auto and the other is cloudy.


    With the WB set to cloudy, the picture has more red shades and looks "warmer".


    I wonder if it will be the same underwater... anybody ever tried this before?

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