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  1. Dave, is it because of the speedlight option so the flash can sync with the camera? sorry for this stupid question: what if I just select external flash?
  2. Thanks Dave. I will give it a try. One question: when the shutter speed is at 1/500 or 1/1000 will it actually flashes at the same time as the camera captures the image?
  3. ReyeR: I am using aquatica housing...any dependancy on the housing? I noticed that my strobe flashed too late, what is the max shutter speed that I should use so that it can catch the flash?
  4. I am a beginner using CP5000 and Sea&Sea YS90DX can anybody advise me on how to set the camera to use TTL Thanks.
  5. UW equipment... i don't think you can get it in the airport, cos even outside the airport there are only a few shops that sell. Price for UW photography equipment is not cheap here...
  6. I am a beginner in UW photography, could anybody advice me on how to take care my Aquatica A5000... thx
  7. I am planning to buy the A5000 housing, can anybody recommend me the substrobe brand and type? thx
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