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  1. You have one seting around?? Looking for this as they are not easy to come by anymore. I have a Subal housing and want to use some Nauticam domes Thanks Mark
  2. I may still have these -At one time I had all the products they made as I was friends with the companies founder at one time-I did some R&R for them. I need a few days to check-I know I have longer ones for sure. What are you offering for two of them??
  3. Dee Thanks for that I reached out to them. I have a fellow in Italy who is restoring one of these old housing and these parts are for him-I'm just helping out -it not a economic thing-I'm just helping out as I had some of these parts and friend gave me the rest.-The shipping alone to Italy is more than any parts are worth and these are very old parts. I got him some aperature and focus gears for a few lens and a new moisture alarm and a speed cap for the camera top.Long ago I two of thes e setups and I sold them in the 80's myself as a distributor. ASt that time these where state of the art.
  4. I have found all the other parts that I needed and am short this one still. A Saddle illuminator for the Nikon F3 ​anyone have this part from the olds days? Mark
  5. Any luck FlaFrog on that finding the light saddle? Mark
  6. Hey I found your post -that took me a awhile. yes I'm gathering some stuff for you Mark
  7. I need a few parts for a older 1980's Aquatica 3 housing for nikon F3 cameras-film I need the speed knob for camera top and an Saddle illuminator for f stop viewing any gears would also be good. Anyone have one laying around?? Mark
  8. onokai

    Kit Items Value

    I suggest looking on ebay as they are very commonly priced out there.
  9. The adaptors fit type 4 and turn them into type 3s only
  10. onokai

    Kit Items Value

    Are these 3s or 4s? The threes are all over e-bay-the 4s are more $ and are less available
  11. Looking for a Seacam (larger hole) to Nauticam (smaller hole) conversion piece for my custom Subal housing back.Which has a Seacam eyepiece hole . I'm trying to fit a Nauticam eyepiece. I do not know if these are even commercially made-but if you have one I'd like to buy it.Or maybe a person who can make one if have a source? Mark
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