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  1. I think we all get stuck at some point in thinking we can only house such and such a lens-or its not in the port or lens charts. I'm an old timer with underwater cameras since the early 80s and I thought thru many housing brands I had to shot the same old lenses. In the 80s I had special extension rings made for the perfect dome placement of all my wide-angle lens in my Nikon F3 in an Aquatica housing.In my Subal F5 housing when my eyes changed and I switched to all auto focus lens I thought again I can only shoot the lens in the charts. Well a few years ago I learned from a now good friend I met here buying some gear that the whole lens game was not what I thought all this time. 60mm 105mm 14 or 15mm 18mm 20mm or 24mm or 17-35mm and a few others all 2,8 lens where the best choices heck the only choices. I found the 70-180 macro and the 24-85 macro (close focused wide angle) where fabulous choices-of course these lens have not been made for years or decades but that they are all macro and work very well underwater. Yes they are not in the charts and you can shoot them with variety of ports for truly great results. They are not for the masses and will take some modifying to use in most housings but if you are an diver and a photographer you should already know that modifications are necessary in many things.These lens have been overlooked of a long time. Wolfgang said it well above- (the long one is huge and heavy )but if you can overcome the setup its a eye opener. Macro subjects and fish shots to medium to large size with same lens just think about that a minute. Hey this nudibranch is great but look there is huge puffer spitting out eggs -crap wrong lens-well the 105 has it limitations but what if I had a macro 70-180 I could get both shoots on same dive? Yes there are naysayers ( I too used to want the Nikon 70-180mm zoom macro for the same reasons. I sourced one and then learned how difficult it is to house - basically you need to get a custom port made by your manufacturer - only Sea&Sea (I think) made an actual port specific to the lens.) another post said-( tripod foot that is not user removable.) This is just not very true at all-I cut mine off but you need to be handy with tools careful with optics.It's easier to take it to a good camera shop to be removed but that was not an option if you live in the boondocks as I do. This is not for everybody as the modifications as noted in above posts kept some away I did not have a custom port made by Subal,any type 4 extension ring and flat port will work fine -You just need to have the tripod foot removed or do it yourself as I explained in above post. Heck if you are a Nauticam user (as these housing have a huge opening) as many seem to be here now, the foot can stay on the lens no special port needed-yes you need to stack some extension rings and make some measurements. If you take the time you will be rewarded .As I said before Divegypsy opened my eyes on this subject and I will be ever so grateful .
  2. I was there 2005 and thats just how I recall it. I made 3 dives there in the one day we where there.Got a nice shot of a huge yellowfin tuna besides the snakes-I was shooting oil back then.
  3. My friend is very intrested and will contact you later tonight as he is on the road to Monterery now. Mark
  4. Charlie I have near unlimited amount of the ultralights for you when you need them.They are packed up somewhere right now as the office is gutted but in a month or two they are yours. I also have those TLC clamps as the poster refers to as wheel style. I know I have many of them as I once was connected to the Manufacturer of them back in the day.We parted Company long ago. They also are packed away for a spell-If wydeangle can wait I can come thru after the floor gets done -If not Cnottoff can sell you his.
  5. Thank you for swift no hassle business dealing with me.  Very positive experience.

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      The tray will be going out in the morning, i will send the tracking tomorrow.  I had a family emergency friday out of town with my mom, just got back to town.  My apologies for the delay.

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      No worries not in any rush-thanks for the update

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  6. Sounds like you need a suit that is called a extra long-or a custom as you mentioned There must be custom wet suit shop in all of Phoenix -thats a big place.
  7. If that xcell fits you well except for the back gaps-just have a custom suit shop make it fit you with a few alterations. Thats an easy job. Alterations are what they do well. I just bought an xcel (4/3)and shipped it off to Otter Bay shop in Monterey about 6 hours south of here to add a relief zipper .I have been told that Cricket does good work.
  8. These two are near mint condition sold as pair asking 70$ for the pair one 40mm Type 3 one 15mm type 3 They do not come with any o-rings-just a note so you know. They are very clean-they are the newer version which take the thicker 3mm O ring-just so you know-you can read about that -the tale of two o-rings heres the story from 2005-hey I was still shooting film back then I got these in a equipment swap where they came with the stuff I wanted.Just trying to break even. I do not use type 3 as I have two type 4 setups myself now mailing will be flat rate $10 Usa shipping-others will have to spend a bit more
  9. You need to master all diving skills to feeling second nature at them before a full camera rig. Point and shoots and go pros are another deal -easy to tie on a BC or store in a pocket as a beginner. I think aviator8 summed it as well as I could have .
  10. Fins-lets see-I must have 10 pair-OK that a lie I have more than that-way more. If you love the ocean you should have some fins Lets see fins for drysuits-fins for wetsuits-heavy coldwater suits warm tropical suits-for all sizes of booties Fins for wreak diving salvage-fins for photo work-fins that my father had from 1953 (orginal gum rubber duck feet from the spear fisherman in Huntington Beach Ca.)-yes I have fins Drysuit- Apollos and scubascrew jetfins with stailless springs on heels-fin sixe XL for tropical work I have always been hating taking a heavy fin as it eats into the bag weight.Fin size XL I also hate plastic fins as they suck- so I have alway preferred a rubber fin Fins for bodysurfing XL with booties and without depending in water temps Fins for free diving (extralong) size XL Late November I spent two weeks diving in Indonesia and tried a new to me fin that was fantastic. You need a bootie a with this fin and in my case with huge feet thats always been problem. I found a real thin 3 mm Mares bootie online (size 13) I thought since this fin felt more plastic than rubber it would suck but really its more rubber than plastic and light as a feather. These are faily new product for Scubapro especially in the XL size -Scubapro Go Travel fins-super light my size is XL -They have a wimpy strap so I bought a spare set but after 22 photo dives I love these fins. They are a breeze to put on and off and feel great underwater.I was able to pack an extra stobe from the weight I saved taking heavy fins. These fins are the lightest I have run acroos so far. They only come in open heal type so a bootie or a sock is needed The straps worked flawlessly as well.I recomend them especially if you want to pack photo gear instead of heavy fins for air travel.
  11. If I have a soft dome cover I just stuff it inside my wetsuit (chest area) and zip it up-never had a issue-a BC pocket can work as well. Strbe diffusers you can rig with a small streak cord that keepos them snug away from front of strobe when not needed. That stuff is small 1/8 inch bungie cord at a REI store or camping place
  12. I found an paper manual for a Ikelite DS125 Substrobe -I'll mail it to anyone who can use it. Also ran across two Oceanic strobe manuals for the 2000 series strobes if you want them they are yours swell -I think these may date me. These where the blue strobes which I have not seen in use for some time now. This stuff is free just PM me with address to mail them to. Thanks Mark
  13. Not like the 80's and 90s and into the 2000's for sure as Digital photos crashed the market. At one time you could sell images for $250 each for just about any use from calenderas to articles as thats what I did some of back then . Most of my fellow full timers gave it up after the shift ,or shifted to film making.Same was true for top side phothogs as well. Still can do product shoots but its slim pickings. I was not full timer then as I had another main job then and now.Now thats all ancient history now. Tours and classes and self publishing . And do not forget the You tubers Its passion deal for me not for $ rewards Find the demand and fill it
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