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  1. I had a ikelite housing in 1983-knobs bound up at depth-it was to buoyant -I;m sure they are better now but after 3-5 aquaticas and a the same with Subals I would never go back to plastic. Just get a used aluminum housing and you will find it does it all very well and the cost is less in the used market. I consider ikelite entry level on the way to a better housing ,save yourself this step
  2. Sent you a pm on the wide angle lens Mark
  3. I use a storm cases now (lighter than pelicans with more latches) with wheels-gave upon pelicans as they did not have wheels years ago-the storm is bright yellow so hard to miss or steal This case is the largest thgat still fits teh airline checked baggage specs The housing and strobes etc in that case (all foam compartments) and I carry a small scale so that box is 49.9#-checked-this bag is bright yellow I want all yellow bags checked bags-I want them seen -they do nopt steal bright bags The other now is a yellow LL bean rolling bag-for dive junk -fins, wetsuits cloths, etc misc regulator -this bag is 49#s-I also have a balck rolling dive bag yet to be used I carry all lens ,camera in a photo carry on photo backpack or regular carry on backpack that never leaves me-this bag varies in weight and is black or gray Back in the 75# days per bag It was all different stuff-mostly hard box cases Been carring dive photo geat since 1982 so I have had many improvements -the above is what I'm doing right now Heading for a 24 day Bali trip mid oct with this above setup
  4. Interceoptor I am not taking about SLRs as they are not being made anymore and mirrorless are now the future.-I get that-I have been thru more housing since 1982 than I want to talk about.-My questions are are the mirroless setups smaller and lighter and do you have more or less lens options. The only reason for me to get one is less weight and smaller size (old guy) I have no plans on replacing my subal D800 and will most likely never move up anymore unless the new system is smaller and lighter by a bunch My setup dry weight with spoting light is 22.5 #s with a long marcro lens (over 160mm) since I have over 12 lens I'm not looking for more and since mirrorless is not smaller lighter in a housing why move?Now thats a disscusion point
  5. I have a FX system (subal d300) I do not use it it anymore-really not much different than my Subal D800 setup Of course I shoot two heavy ikelight strobes whuch are much heavery than most strobes Now how about the lens choices-I shoot a bunch of lens from a 60 to 105 macro to a zoom long lens that is also macro to all the wide angle stuff I thought mirrorless was still less in terms of lens choices? what brand of housing are you using-a Nauticam?
  6. Did you find the new system any lighter ?or smaller ? (I'm getting older with a D800 and subal housing) and what about the variety of lens choices The same?
  7. Thanks for reaching out to me . All is good now
  8. Well its been a long time whats going on with the sale ??-I'm sure my check cleared long ago I'm starting to worry Mark
  9. Tim I'm going to try a friends in Bali in October-If I like it I'll get back to you what do you want for it as well?
  10. Tim does this accept 67mm diopters? Or something else? Looks like it clamps to a type 4 flat port-whats the diameter inside for those clamps? I'm gone all day tomorrow but will check back in a few days
  11. Looking for say a 2.2X lifesize flip down wet diopter that fits a subal flat port type 4. Any not used laying around? This is not a thread in port I think Sga makes one SA 162# that works
  12. Been there 3 times did some serious deco dives in the 80s and 90s when I was a young dive master Went with a navy seal photographer on two of the trips Maybe spent 3-664 weeks there overall . 3mm works for most folks as it hot water take a wide angle setup for sure-macro as well. You can night dive from shore with the 105 You will most likely do two boat dives a day if they are deep. Or 3 shallow We had our own guide and boat with Blue lagoon back in the day Some of the wrecks now have collapsed but are are still great-get some books and read up before going Dove the pass for deep shark encounters as well. Did some stupid shark feeding as well. Lucky we did not get bit .This was all back in the day-shot some skulls in the wrecks and back then it was all velvia 50 slide film At one time I was nuts over that place and could not get enough.
  13. Looks like its mirrorless ahead -that also means no new SLR lens Its been good run
  14. I shoot straight and the 45 nuaticam on my subal d800. housing-its got an adjustment knob on side which subals do not have. They are bigger than subals but I think they work a tad better.I have the 180 straight on an older subal housing as well (d300). The subal eyepieces are more streamlined and staright forward. All these are are lesser than the older film subal 35mm film eyepiece which the image is the same size as a 35mm slide is. on the nikon highpoint finder. Loved that housing Subal F5 Its a bit of a backwards deal like the sound quaility in digital vs The older stereos .Cell phones vs land lines-quality is less .. but we accept it. Tools made crappy but they are cheaper its the way of the world
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