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  1. Your email is not shown on site unless yousend it to me. I'll make another offer and PM you again Mark
  2. I suggest stronly that someone else measures you. I have done this measuring many times for others as I once was in the suit business.. It's not something you can do yourself well.
  3. I just spoke with otterbay wetsuits(a custom suit shop in Montery) they have a how to measure on Utube on measuring for your custom suit without going to shop. Check them out if you want a mail order custom suit and stay in AZ.Its on the web site under FAQs
  4. Go to a custom shop and get one made-thats the del to get one thats fits like a glove.No way around it. My xcels just came yesterday and I sent back one of two suits as one really fit great-no hood only a 3 mill for warm water diving. If I need a hood I wear a thin hooded vest under it.
  5. Another thought is you can shoot this dome with a traditional lens not necessarily a wide angle and see what the results are. I am now using the Zen 170mm (flatter dome) than the 100mm with a Nikon 70-180 macro zoom-it really a nice setup but it takes lots of extensions . This lens needs the foot removed for Subal housings but not Nauitacams and a special zoom gear needs to be fabricated. The Nikon 24-85 macro zoom is also a good lens for you-just crank it down so its not vignetting which oit might at 24 but not at say 35mm This lens is also a great close focus lens One thing I have learned after almost 35+ years of underwater workis many lens and dome combinations can be had not just what in thos charts. You just need to try them. I spent some time shooting with Seagipsy from this site and really learned some out of the box thinking that works well. I just got a 170 zen dome port (meduim size) and its flater(less curve) than any of the 4 inch domes. My large 9 inch Sunbal dome is a bear to travel with so the mid sized domes are better for what I'm doing unless its super wide angle-then the big domes shine. What I do not know is if Zen domes (same size) are more or less curved than Subal domes? Anyone know this answer????
  6. Must have been the dry suit after the vest that shrank the suit right?
  7. I love my Nikon 70-180 in my Subal housing with my D800 ,you just have to overcome a few things which really are not that hard. I learned about this lens from Seagipsy-he mentioned this in above post as well. You can have a professional shop take off the foot or if you dive a Nauitcam housing you can leave foot on as its large enough to slip it in. I cut mine off myself with a Fein tool while holding it as not to damage lens after taping all parts off to keep lens clean from aluminum filings. If you are handy this is not that hard but for most just have a shop take off the foot and plug the hole in barrel. Next you need to modify a focus gear-I chopped one and added to to a existing gear that fit the barrel-In most housings this gear teeth needs to be in the rear more than most gears to engage inside the housing.You can also have one made with Cad printing technology for about 35$ online Once thats done you will need to stack up some extenstion rings for whatever housing you have. This lens opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me after 35 years of shooting underwater. This lens is a macro lens and has lots of potential most overlook. Thanks Fred
  8. You will need to go to the custom shop to get fitted.These tend to be on the coasts not inland like Phoenix Custom shops make a suit for your body. The other option is do what I do that is order direct from Excel.com and have them ship you several sizes (you buy them) and try them on until you find the right fit and send the rest back for your refund. Done this alot and it works for me. In fact two are in transit now to me-I will send one back for credit as I only want one.The best fitting one.Ill then send it to otterbay wetsuits in Montery so they can add a relief zipper
  9. Well anyone have a spare or changed systems and its left overpart ?
  10. Mehmet I am a full frame subal user as well and have the small port, and a medium .and the larger port. They all can be used with the right lens. You can use many lens not just what the Subal chart shows underwater.In fact that chart is to limiting. You just need to be sure they cannot be vignetting. If its a zoom then just do not come in as close to show the shade. Or just use a lesser wider lens. Also you can use the small domes to do close focus macro work-they can work well for that as well.
  11. ( I'm worried that the addition of strobes would make everything too complex, ) Welcome to underwater photography which is a very complex task -if it was easy everyone would be doing it Two strobes is far surperior to one I agree with Tim Gs post above
  12. Depends I shoot with a d800 in a subal housing. If I was starting out fresh I would have a nautical hosuing as the parts are easier to get now than Subals. I have had 4 subal housings so I kept the ports thru most of them until Subal changed to larger ports I went with them back then. Now Subal is experiencing prodution issues and financial issues so parts are a bear to get. I know a pro who is shooting the D850 as he wanted the newer features of that camera and he will stay with that camera most likely until he done shooting he said. I am very pleased with my Subal and D800-I personally do not like the plastic housing Ikelite makes-in the old days they flexed and controls bound uop at depth (Truk lagoon deco dives) I would stick to better housings-Sea and Sea are short on full controls-wear as Subal and especially Nauticam gives you all the contol functions .Nauticams are especially well thought out and maybe a bit over engineered-they are easy to get parts and service-not so much with Subals anymore.Seacams are also under contolled in my view-(not all funtions work) In housings you get what you pay for.Whatever housing you start with after buying all the ports (glass ones are best) you tend to keep the ports and change the camera and housing body as time goes buy. The D800 is a super camera no question-maybe a D850 if starting new? of course you will need two bodies right?
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