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  1. All wide angle is right. There may be a 35 mm shot in the trip but most is all wide angle.
  2. I bought some ports from Mark a few weeks ago and he is a great person to deal with.Shipped them straight out and included an extra book of his photos-really great to look at.I also recommended him on that thread of good sellers. Mark
  3. Any idea on the curve to this port The DP-SW B what diameter it is I'm looking for less curved ports .?? Mark
  4. I bought from this seller a month ago and can recommend him highly. Well packed and shipped out straight away..Smooth transaction Mark
  5. Also great experience with shjeong8
  6. Solid sellers from my experience Ian marsh MissDEE Kraken de Mabini
  7. This is a flat port in working condition with a few nicks and scratches but nothing that will affect a underwater photo. This port fits the older threaded Aquatica port systems. It can be used with a 55 or 60 mm lens as well as other lens .The port comes with orange and a neoprene cover Port is anodized aluminum. Its free to good home you pay the shipping-flat fee $12
  8. Looking for a Subal port/hosuing 4/3 adaptor ring Thanks Mark
  9. Nearly 40 years now with underwater o-rings. I never clean them daily unless they are exposed to sand to fibers or hairs. I'm careful when handling the gear. Charge the ike batteries and inspect the ring and reassemble on my Ike 161's .I do this daily without hanging the O rings . Over handling them is worse than anything. Keeping them clean is a frame of mind.Adding a bit of grease when needed. Take off and clan if sandy or you see an issue.
  10. 1982 Started with a 26mm If I recall-a real piece of crap.Same year I certified working up to Divemaster.. One year was enough- Next one was a 35mm in a new Ikelite housing-At depth the controls where not happy. One season was enough Next one was a New Aquatica aluminum for a Nokon F3-bought two of them over time was happy for a long time. During this time also had a used nik 3 and some nikonos new Vs with all the lens and tubes-sold it all some time ago. Next was a Used Subal for the nikon F5 -my favorite film housing bought two over time-shot those until 2009. Still have fond of that housing and its viewfinder still-have not sen as good as one since. Then went to digital and a used subal and Nikon D300- Got a go-pro somewhere when the 4s came out-do not use it much-no a video person much A few years back upgraded to a subal custom used housing and a d800. Still very happy-its a bit big an heavy now that I'm older same with the Ike strobes Dinosaur for sure now
  11. Are they type 3 or 4? Your subal bits ?
  12. Meters are still here if there is interest. Tom has not responded.
  13. Tom check your messages for details Thanks Mark
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