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    Wide angle

    May sell faster if you post what system it fits?
  2. $1,200. This is a GLASS not acrylic, 230mm fisheye dome port for Nauticam 120 housings. Purchased new and used on two trips with very few total dives. Port includes neoprene protective cover and is in factory box. This port is in "like new" condition with no scratches of any kind. Super clean .Save over $1,200 off current price of $2,400. The glass is perfect a few minor shade hood scratches on one side of shade cover-see photo Comes with cover ,rear cap and original box
  3. ALL my comments are all with a DSLR as I have zero experience with a mirrorless but do have over 4 decades shooting with a DSLR remember in the grand scheme of cameras mirrorless are brand new As Chris pointed out (the availability of diopter adjustment on the viewfinders is a big plus for them for me) This has really helped many especially with older eyes like me
  4. Shooting macro with a 45 takes some dive time. I resisted it for some time. Once you commit to it and put in the dives it really opens up shooting macro subjects . Since I shot the 180 (straight thru) viewfinders for over 35 years they always seemed so easy and the 45 was a hard learning curve. Now I need both finders as tey both have applications If I was shooting blue water subjects or snorkeling the 180 would be on my housing all the time.
  5. I read lots of camera reviews and the action tracking is a constant issue. I'm sure it will improve with mirrorless soon for sports and action shooters and surpass the DSLRs soon. Heck DSLRs are not being made anymore soon. For a old guy like me to change it now has to be lighter and smaller (the whole package,housing strobes camera) and work as well in all applications including action tracking. I am not even talking about the lens issues of all my SLR lens that I have and really would need to switch out slowly.
  6. Not moving to mirrorless unless they get a bunch smaller and lighter (the housing and cameras) right now they are about the same as a dslr and they need to improve on action tracking as well
  7. I shot the straight thru viewfinder for over 35 years in every Aqutitica and Subal I owned and until I used and got used to the 45 for bottom dewelling subjects I did not know what I was missing. With the 45 you can put housing on bottom and really move in close for macro work. The Nauticams also have a adjustment for better optics than many other viewfinders At night dives I still prefer the 180 gun site as it a bit mor intuitive to find subjects till for me. Unless it all bottom critters I'm shooting at night. If shooting faster moving subjects like fish the gunsite is easier to fast track. Say open water subjects as well .Yes I'm shooting a Nikon d850 now. Not a mirrorless.. Its my 40th year shooting housings underwater and yes you need to get used to whatever finder you have 1st before using another style finder, or for that matter any piece of underwater gear.
  8. These are my go to fins for travel in tropical waters as well past 6 years. Scubapro Go fins) They are the lightest and most comfortable . In should add that I really dislike plastic fins. They are unisex and come in all sizes-I have super wide feet and the XXL fist me with a thin 3mm bootie I suggest these for both sexes. They are extremly lightweight and are a mix between a plastic and rubber fin in feel and action You will save many pounds off your bag with these fins
  9. Ok I looked thru my stash and I have nothing that works for that lens -Thanks for the great specs with photos
  10. Whats the ID diameter exactly of the zoom gear you want and how many teeth or on it?Type 4 is 88 teeth type 3 is like 77?if I recall all my subal housing are type 4-I have a lot of gears unlabeled so thats why I'm asking those details I have found making these gears is pretrty easy if you have a friend with a cad program I will look thru my pile if you give me the details
  11. New in sealed bag never unopened.Type 4 for Subal Housings Tapered DSLR port with 67mm threaded port for macro diopter lenses. Made of one-piece Delrin ACETAL. The front glass is made of BK -7 8mm, which has a high resistance to changes in temperature and pressure. With type 4 extensions will work with various lenses like a 105mm. Works well with the Saga flip holders for macro lenses.Front is 67mm threaded as well.These are going for 350$ new . $ 185 Free shipping in USA International at reduced rate
  12. New in Bag never wet Subal Flash socket 5-pin and waterproof plug/cover, o-ring with cable with shrink wrap will work with TTL or Manuel shooting Great part to have as a spare Will fit most Subal housings For your info :Subal sells them for $172 Asking $85 free shipping in USA Will consider international shipping - buyer pays reduced shipping costs
  13. New in Bag -Subal camera Hot Shoe (5 pin) with Basic circuit Board This is for many Early Subal models like a F5 or any basic Manuel and TTL shooting Cameras with hot shoe on top like Nikons or Cannons with hot shoes on top for flashing. Board comes with two screws to mount in housing as well Great a spare part as well $49 Free USA shipping International Buyer pays shipping costs at a reduced rate
  14. This Subal Kit (Subal Flash Socket N5 kit) has two Nikonos type 5-Pin bulkheads (flash Sockets) with shiny-new contacts and 5-wire black cable hot-shoe flash connector with cable. Complete assembly, ready to install -all parts and screws included This can be used for Manuel shooting and TTL with just a plug in change on circuit board For price info -Subal sells these for about $490 new This ones lightly used but in excellent condition, ready to dive great for a spare as well $250 or best offer Free shipping to USA Will consider international shipping buyer pays reduced shipping cost
  15. Nauticam Zoom Gear for Nikon 14-24 Wide -Angle lens 2.8G ED Used but good condition Model N1424-Z for Nikkor 14-24mm F/2.8G ED S/N:A118503 cost $155 Free shipping in USA via USPS International shipping at reduced cost
  16. I am going to chop off the ends and convert this to accept my quick disconnect arms on my Nauticam housing (I do not like the take the clamp off to remove arms) SOLD -NOT FOR SALE
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