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  1. I'll take the extensions rings Pm sent
  2. You beat me to it
  3. I have 8 quality nice swivel snap hooks -great for making camera hanging lines (use two hooks always) Or also good for housing carry handles custom made I would like to sell the lot if there is interest 35$ shipped USPS flat rate in US or make me an offer
  4. I have some older film housing manuals-any one need or can use one or two I'll mail them to you-free 1-Aquatica F for nikon F5s 1-Subal Process F 5 Going to recycle them in a few weeks if no interest needs a good home
  5. SOLD-SOLD These are sold now-still had great resale value. Those old Nikon manual focus lens where the cats meow once for me. My old eyes need auto focus now.
  6. I am selling these for deceased friends estate. These where state of the art lens back in the manual focus days. I dove with this guy for 35 years and know these lens well.He took good care of his gear. The 15mm is known for no distortion as the 1.4 35mm is for low light gathering.Both great lens-not auto focus I have them up on eBay now but will gladly forgo those fees if any wet pixel folks are interested just make a reasonable offer send a Pm if interested heres the listings Older Nikon Lens go well on eBay and the 35mm already has a bid-they end next Sunday eve-I will only ship to USA address via USPS Thanks for looking 15mm-https://www.ebay.com/itm/203786548497 35mm https://www.ebay.com/itm/203786560797
  7. Hello for some reason after over15 years on the site I need to introduce myself as they want to know me better. I'm a old timer who stared with film in 1983-was slow to switch to digital in 2009 Started with a cheap point and shoot then an plexiglass Ikelite in 84-became an Aquatic Dealer in 85 and sold and shot the Nikon F3s with motor drive until the early 2000s and then switched out to subal housings with Nikon F5s with motor drives-I loved this setup with velvia film. Sold calendar photos and wrote few pieces until digital put the bite on all photo sales.Shot a d300s for along time. Moved up a few years ago to subal custom housing and Nikon D800. most likely my last housing . Subal is going away slowly and I'm happy where I'm at these days . Lets see I'm a certified tank inspector and have two compressors at home-a few boats as well . I'm not diving as much as I used to as I get closer to 70 but still do a dry suit beach diving yearly in Puget sound for photos . Places I have been are shark cage diving 2005 Mexico, Caribbean in the 80s, Truk logon 3 trips 80's 90s ,Papua New Guinea to Bali 30 day boat trip -2005-hawaii -70's 80's. Costa rica 1986 Solomon's twice,Queen Charlottes Canada 90s-Pacific coast -Monterey -channel Islands-all of them 80-90s-Oregon Puget sound 30 years now. Northern California (my home) I am sure I have missed a few as well. Still like cold water almost as much as warm water-I also have done light commercial diving (water wells and salvage). Diving is a side thing as my main business for 50 years now is making and selling fictional pottery for the home. (liscomhillpottery.com) Thanks Mark Cortright
  8. This is on eBay soon as well asking 149$-275$-make me an offer shipping will be extra My friend passed and had this unused in his estate . Looks New but I listed it as used as I do not know for sure if its ever be dove. Housing made by Aqua Vision in Canada fits a nikon F3 camera with motor drive (not included). If it is used I can not see it. There is some super minor corrosion in some outer screw thread holes. Not in original box Housing looks like new old stock recently found at an estate sale. The housing has two E/O strobe connectors and comes with a spare as well . The dome port appears new and the focus knob is a custom extra large one The gland nuts will need silicone lube before using and are easy to take apart and lube. Dome is screw mount. This also comes with a USED flat port setup as well . Both ports have neoprene covers With any underwater camera housing test dive it without a camera first. Original instruction booklet included as is the new warranty card yet to be filled out-That will shock Aqua Vision getting this sent in. I have another identical housing for sale now that is used for less $$. also on wet pixel Check that out as well
  9. Sid that dome has no price

  10. I have a huge bag of subal rings (non are specific size on ring mm?) whats the inner measurement (outer may help as well) I bought out a few folks with bags of rings. I can measure a few when I get some numbers Mark
  11. Lewis I can vouch or Neptune63 as we dove together way back when and unless he has turned into a bad egg(very much doubt) I would trust him now on a 700$ sale in a second.Now maybe you think I'm a black box but I have many dealings with many on this site either selling or buying over the years. Mark Cortright
  12. I have this up for sale again on ebay for very reasonable price-under 20$ It needs a good new home-perfect for Nikonos shooters https://www.ebay.com/itm/203305990557?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  13. Good stuff-thansk for sharing-makes me want to be there NOW. I dive keystone every early August past 27 years myself. Been out to the San Juans a few times as well over those August trips on boat trips. I do a show every August(1st weekend) and spend the rest of week diving with a camera. before returned to Nor-cal.I have seen some shnages over all that time as well. Mark
  14. If Stoo does not have one I may still-I have box of caps-I sold most Nik stuff long ago but may have a cap or two I have a seconic light meter on ebay right now for Nikonos use as well-very reasobale price
  15. I posted this on eBay now after posting it here last year but if you are looking for one still its a good deal https://www.ebay.com/itm/203264392645?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  16. You pay shipping-neoprene cover and o-ring included-this is for older screw style housings few minor scratches-
  17. All wide angle is right. There may be a 35 mm shot in the trip but most is all wide angle.
  18. I bought some ports from Mark a few weeks ago and he is a great person to deal with.Shipped them straight out and included an extra book of his photos-really great to look at.I also recommended him on that thread of good sellers. Mark
  19. Any idea on the curve to this port The DP-SW B what diameter it is I'm looking for less curved ports .?? Mark
  20. I bought from this seller a month ago and can recommend him highly. Well packed and shipped out straight away..Smooth transaction Mark
  21. Also great experience with shjeong8
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