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  1. Some really great shot's Congrats to the winners as well as all who entered. Mark
  2. Thanks Karl thats why I could not see it on my 105,60, 17-35. Mark
  3. The new mac book with duel processors. super machine. Thanks Luiz my memory is shot. I'm on a G-5 and forgot the details. Mark
  4. On all my older Nikon lens the serial numbers are on the lens on all my new lens I cannot find a one other than the warrenty card. I'm looking at my 2.8 17-35 zoom and its number free any idea where they(#'s) are hiding?? Mark
  5. I agrre with most especially the Ike 200 strobe. I shoot 2 on deep wreck dives but 1 will be enough forstart. THE housing I'd go for is a subal. Own 2 of each 2 subals 2 aquaticia. Love my subals-Rayan at reef photo-a sponser here can hook you up. Mark
  6. I really like your open mouth frogfish as well as the 2 fish in the clownfish shot. It took me 7 e-mails and 45 minutes to send my 12 entries so I can relate. Mark
  7. I have a few friends who rave on the Xcel suits. those otterbays are super as well.I seem to always be in a dry suit in those temps or a cheap wetsuit if its's a commercial dive job in cold water as they(job) tend to trash the suit very soon. Mark
  8. Thanks AA that's all the info I needed. Mark
  9. I have both dome's and the small one never gets used. i shoot the fe2 and do not use diopters. something about more glass that just does not sit well. I have very top quality diopters as well just do not use them. I cannot say about your digital question as I shoot film which is far less forgiving than shooting raw. If you do shot the small dome use the recommened diopters from subal website for your lens as the smaller galss needs more correction. That small dome is great for hostil environs as it is so compact. If you are going to always have a subal housing for whatever camera you will get in the future get the big dome as it will work with the next subal as well. Mark
  10. Ok- I'm a bit fuzzy on this topic. Are the filters going on each lens - say on my 77mm lens or a 55mm lens so one need several-or is it something used in processing digital images later -or can I use it with film?? I some how missed the boat on this topic. I like the results and would like to learn more and where to obtain them as well. Mark
  11. There are some great points on judging above. I my line of work which is making and selling pottery in juried Art shows around the west coast for 30 years I have a pretty goog feeling about the judging of photos/work. It all sums up to its always a crap shoot and I never take it personally. The jury(judges) pick artists from photos and it's never about what is best or fair in everyones mind . Some real junk is let in and some great work is given the boot. The thing is for me its about what those judges feel at that time of seeing the slides and each rate's them. It's a judgement call like a refferee in sports-not always a good call but one that needs to be made. Many times I'm out of the show until next year and that life. I never take it personally . It would be great to see all the entries just to see the variity. Mark
  12. The subal is the best you will love it. Hold out and get it.Mark
  13. Just had a scanner for less than 1 month but did scann and enter 12 shots. Since I have 25 years of U/w slides the scanner work load seems endless. I went with the uncropped catagories more as I fell that is my strong suit with film. As I'm a newby to photoshop this area of traditional work fits my best shots as well I try not to shoot unless it all looks good in the sportfinder. With the digital explosion there seems to be more contests that ever now. I could spend all my time entering if I did not already have alot to do.-Back to the studio pots to throw. I hope I place somewhere- Mark It would be great to have them post all the shots at a gallery after the judging. Just a thought
  14. James said (That's the ono kine!!!! I didn't know they were found that big except for around the Revillaghedos (sp??) and Clipperton. How did you get the shot, did the tuna just come by while you were on another dive, of did you jump in after a school had been chummed up? Funny how the other two divers aren't really looking.) Back when I dove the revillagigedo especially Roca partida we saw bigger tuna back in 92(Private charter). The sharks were one continuous parade of species. Just did not have autofocus system back then. The place was wild then- now I'm told its like most other spots not much action as the big ones are fished out. Would love to dive Clipperton -You know of any way to do that?? As far as Gunung api it also is a little exposed sea mount in the middle of the banda sea. We were there to shoot (photo) sea snakes. There are about 10.000. snakes to shoot there. Its sea snake heaven. These are the deadly poisonous types but they are very curious and not a threat at all as long as you do not aggravate them. Anyway three of us swam as far as possiable away from others to see what we could see. We were not chumming. As stated this guy came in to check us out . I saw them coming and have a few silhouettes from below. This one was curious-never seen divers most likely as the banda sea is very remote. Speaking of over fishing we trolled lures about 2000 miles of the 3000 from Sorong to Bali transet and only caught a few fish. That area has been fished out by foriegn fleets for way to long. If I had not panned the camera there was no way for a shot-Just 100% pure luck. Not to bad for film either.The other divers did see the tuna's just not right then.Hope that answers your thoughts. i can post the silouettes when I scann them. I'm still editing the 4000 slides from that trip. Seems my life as a potter gets in the way of other things-darn people want more mugs always. Sorry to hear about your theft woes. Mark
  15. This is not my best photo for 2005 but it is the most unusual. Its a Giant Yellowfin tuna (6 feet+) taken at Gunang Api in the middle of the Banda sea in Indonesia(check your charts). I panned my subal f/5 to get this action shot and it worked. This is a film shot with VS100. Hey did he say film?? You remember that stuff comes in cans. It's the most lucky for me of the year shot. Thats my wife on the right. Mark
  16. I have a subal 77mm as well Ryan at Reef photo can have one sent your way as well. Mark
  17. I have the newer opti WPi. It can take rain etc and go to 15 feet. I got it for wet topside shots in my boat when housings are way to much- works fine for garbage dig shots- Nothing to blow up to big. My wife got our old point and shot soaked(dead) in Indonesia at the whaling village while jumping out of the panga last spring. This one will take that and more and it's just about free $$. Mark
  18. Where did this trip go To and from ? Sorong to ? Gunung Api? Komodo?. Thanks ahead for the details. Mark
  19. I think I've even seen these len's-If I recall they are all AF and 2.8??. What camera did you get Rex??. You going to put it in a Subal?? I got an ok shot of that gaint yellowfin tuna going by at Gunanapi. I'll rescann it small and e-mail it to you. I picked up another f5 and subal housing set up. Mark-the film guy fron your Sorong trip.
  20. The Thermal layer is just as important. I've tried many. My best is made in Oregon it's USIA . They make several types.I have the 2 piece with a thinsulate material in it. Super warm. The bottoms are overall style. The top is a jacket. Most shops can order them for you.. Mark
  21. Must have had one of their -Meat pies. A real bummer. Mark
  22. The DUI story as told by Brian above is spot on. I have 4 dry suits and the dui is the best of them all.my list is nokia-viking-ameron -DUI- Mine is the 2000cf material and its very tough. Whites service takes forever to redo seals-but thier biggest woes are how the seals are attached. I do all my own seal replacements except on whites as they sew the seals on which only they can do-why they choose this route who knows. Back in the day whites had great valves and was one of the best suits. get the DUI and be happy. Mark
  23. I was curious as to How many Complete Rigs folks have had ? Gone thru-or still own And How long they have been taking photos underwater? This goes for film as well as digital setups. For me it goes like this 1 point and shoot-120MM? Yellow piece of junk-1982-sold 1 Ikelite housed older nikon 83-had 1 month sold I Nikonos V mid 80's-still have 1 Nik III-mid 80's-still have 1 f/3 in aquatica 3 housing-85-still have another f/3 in aquatica 90's-still have 2 f/5 in 2 subals in 2005-still Have started to shoot u/w in 82- still at it Whats your history?? Mark
  24. I do not know much about the Inon's but do know abit about the D125 and Ike's 200's. My 200's are very powerful but quite heavy and large. Not as big and heavy as the old 150's which may be before your time.The D125 for me are small & lite and recycle super quik. As far a service Ike's fast and easy- for usa folks-I know that can not be said about any offshore models.Unless you happen to be near where they are made. If your abroad then Ike's service is a slow pain as well. Mark 100 post's and with film
  25. Divegypsy said ( Film camera thoughts related to underwater. Short of a Seacam optical finder, nothing comes close to Nikon's own action finder. The action finder also has the advantage of NOT being 3D Color matrix. Why advantage? Because according to Nikon's own literature the color matrix applies different exposure values to different colors, and different algorithms. I want whatever I point the spot meter at and center at 0.0 exposure to be rendered the same density value on the film. I don't want someone else's feelins about how much lighter blue ought to be rendered, because its usually a sky (not blue water) reading, to be factored in. And this is why I would buy the action finder for the F5 rather than use even Seacam's optical finder. But why I will miss an action finder with the F6. A reasonable second choice to the Seacam 45 and 90 degree finders is Subal's new optical finder, which despite not giving quite as much magnification, is considerably more compact and much less expensive.) I knew there was a reason I loved these finders so much. Is that true that the nikon D2x does not have a Full Frame finder (LCD)?? Mark
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