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  1. Any idea on the curve to this port The DP-SW B what diameter it is I'm looking for less curved ports .?? Mark
  2. I bought from this seller a month ago and can recommend him highly. Well packed and shipped out straight away..Smooth transaction Mark
  3. Also great experience with shjeong8
  4. Solid sellers from my experience Ian marsh MissDEE Kraken de Mabini
  5. This is a flat port in working condition with a few nicks and scratches but nothing that will affect a underwater photo. This port fits the older threaded Aquatica port systems. It can be used with a 55 or 60 mm lens as well as other lens .The port comes with orange and a neoprene cover Port is anodized aluminum. Its free to good home you pay the shipping-flat fee $12
  6. Looking for a Subal port/hosuing 4/3 adaptor ring Thanks Mark
  7. Nearly 40 years now with underwater o-rings. I never clean them daily unless they are exposed to sand to fibers or hairs. I'm careful when handling the gear. Charge the ike batteries and inspect the ring and reassemble on my Ike 161's .I do this daily without hanging the O rings . Over handling them is worse than anything. Keeping them clean is a frame of mind.Adding a bit of grease when needed. Take off and clan if sandy or you see an issue.
  8. 1982 Started with a 26mm If I recall-a real piece of crap.Same year I certified working up to Divemaster.. One year was enough- Next one was a 35mm in a new Ikelite housing-At depth the controls where not happy. One season was enough Next one was a New Aquatica aluminum for a Nokon F3-bought two of them over time was happy for a long time. During this time also had a used nik 3 and some nikonos new Vs with all the lens and tubes-sold it all some time ago. Next was a Used Subal for the nikon F5 -my favorite film housing bought two over time-shot those until 2009. Still have fond of that housing and its viewfinder still-have not sen as good as one since. Then went to digital and a used subal and Nikon D300- Got a go-pro somewhere when the 4s came out-do not use it much-no a video person much A few years back upgraded to a subal custom used housing and a d800. Still very happy-its a bit big an heavy now that I'm older same with the Ike strobes Dinosaur for sure now
  9. Are they type 3 or 4? Your subal bits ?
  10. Meters are still here if there is interest. Tom has not responded.
  11. Tom check your messages for details Thanks Mark
  12. Tom, I'll accept that offer The battery is a 625PX and they sell them on Amazon. The meter worked great last time I used it, but the battery is now dead . If for any reason you are not happy with meter I would refund you no problem . I stand behind the meter as I'm the orginal owner and had it for some time now. I have taken great care of it.I had two sold one a decade ago and kept this one. The battery cover is the weak point. The battery door is easy to break. Folks like to overtighten them. This meter has a solid door and a new spare door withe 0-ring as well as a broken one so you can see the weak point. The thing is do not overtighten it with a coin-go easy. As to if the batteries will be made forever well I have no idea on that. They look pretty solid now .I'll throw in the second L-86 in waterproof case seconic meter if you would like it no extra cost?-I'll pm you on payment details.
  13. I have been going thru stuff and if you can use it- its yours The dome shade was for an aquatica large dome if I recall.Custom made. Its made from one solid piece of PVC with three plastic knob screws to hold it firm to port side. The outside OD is 8 5/8 total diameter but the inside grip for the outer port is 8 3/16 The inset is about 5/8 milled down so your port fits 5/8 inside for the screws to grip-its your for the shipping only.It will fit in a 19$ flat rate box. Black inside white outside but can be made black easy all over. I have two New flat o-rings for If I recall Ikelite 200 strobes also mailed free-they are flat -not round in dimension . The manual is for a Ikelite 125 strobe mailing is free just pm with an address in USA -If you live elsewhere I can go up to a few dollars to send.Needs a good home. thanks Mark send me a PM
  14. Anyone need some working Sekonic light meters. The classic marine meter 11 model L-164B comes with an oceanic mounting ring and the original manual as well as a spare battery door and battery . the other meter is in mint shape-both are working fine. Make me an offer-I think I can mail them flat rate around 10-12$ in USA -looking for a good home
  15. Dome lens is gone -the rest of stuff still up for the taking
  16. I was cleaning camera closet and found these items-free to good home-some postage would help if you can use them for the larger items. New (unused new in bag) plexiglass dome only (no port) for a nikon 55 port-this is the dome for a macro port-yes domes work for macro as well.I used to be an Aquatica dealer in the 80s Oceanic charger for oceanic strobes (remember those blue strobes???) ok I'm older Ikelite 150 strobe exposure stickers-I have many if you use that strobe still-Free to mail to you in envelope .
  17. I think we all get stuck at some point in thinking we can only house such and such a lens-or its not in the port or lens charts. I'm an old timer with underwater cameras since the early 80s and I thought thru many housing brands I had to shot the same old lenses. In the 80s I had special extension rings made for the perfect dome placement of all my wide-angle lens in my Nikon F3 in an Aquatica housing.In my Subal F5 housing when my eyes changed and I switched to all auto focus lens I thought again I can only shoot the lens in the charts. Well a few years ago I learned from a now good friend I met here buying some gear that the whole lens game was not what I thought all this time. 60mm 105mm 14 or 15mm 18mm 20mm or 24mm or 17-35mm and a few others all 2,8 lens where the best choices heck the only choices. I found the 70-180 macro and the 24-85 macro (close focused wide angle) where fabulous choices-of course these lens have not been made for years or decades but that they are all macro and work very well underwater. Yes they are not in the charts and you can shoot them with variety of ports for truly great results. They are not for the masses and will take some modifying to use in most housings but if you are an diver and a photographer you should already know that modifications are necessary in many things.These lens have been overlooked of a long time. Wolfgang said it well above- (the long one is huge and heavy )but if you can overcome the setup its a eye opener. Macro subjects and fish shots to medium to large size with same lens just think about that a minute. Hey this nudibranch is great but look there is huge puffer spitting out eggs -crap wrong lens-well the 105 has it limitations but what if I had a macro 70-180 I could get both shoots on same dive? Yes there are naysayers ( I too used to want the Nikon 70-180mm zoom macro for the same reasons. I sourced one and then learned how difficult it is to house - basically you need to get a custom port made by your manufacturer - only Sea&Sea (I think) made an actual port specific to the lens.) another post said-( tripod foot that is not user removable.) This is just not very true at all-I cut mine off but you need to be handy with tools careful with optics.It's easier to take it to a good camera shop to be removed but that was not an option if you live in the boondocks as I do. This is not for everybody as the modifications as noted in above posts kept some away I did not have a custom port made by Subal,any type 4 extension ring and flat port will work fine -You just need to have the tripod foot removed or do it yourself as I explained in above post. Heck if you are a Nauticam user (as these housing have a huge opening) as many seem to be here now, the foot can stay on the lens no special port needed-yes you need to stack some extension rings and make some measurements. If you take the time you will be rewarded .As I said before Divegypsy opened my eyes on this subject and I will be ever so grateful .
  18. I was there 2005 and thats just how I recall it. I made 3 dives there in the one day we where there.Got a nice shot of a huge yellowfin tuna besides the snakes-I was shooting oil back then.
  19. My friend is very intrested and will contact you later tonight as he is on the road to Monterery now. Mark
  20. Charlie I have near unlimited amount of the ultralights for you when you need them.They are packed up somewhere right now as the office is gutted but in a month or two they are yours. I also have those TLC clamps as the poster refers to as wheel style. I know I have many of them as I once was connected to the Manufacturer of them back in the day.We parted Company long ago. They also are packed away for a spell-If wydeangle can wait I can come thru after the floor gets done -If not Cnottoff can sell you his.
  21. Sounds like you need a suit that is called a extra long-or a custom as you mentioned There must be custom wet suit shop in all of Phoenix -thats a big place.
  22. If that xcell fits you well except for the back gaps-just have a custom suit shop make it fit you with a few alterations. Thats an easy job. Alterations are what they do well. I just bought an xcel (4/3)and shipped it off to Otter Bay shop in Monterey about 6 hours south of here to add a relief zipper .I have been told that Cricket does good work.
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