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  1. Another idea is scrap your new operating system and run an older operating version. I have held off on an upgrade due this lightroom issue myself. I'm going thru some of this lightroom crap now-I have a new in box version of lightroom 5 with new unused license code-as I'm not ready to start paying fees every year and am thinking about installing it on my 3 year old macbbook pro that operates with High Serria 10.13.6 nowhere could I find 32 or 64 bit info or I can put it on my huge screen mac desktop running OS X El Capitan (10.11.6)which I will do 98% of editing on That computer which is running lightroom 3 now with no issues. I may just cave at some point and buy into the yearly fees
  2. Clean the contacts first-second switch stobes left to right so you eliminate fiber and firing issues on that side of housing.If it still does not fire clean up all contacts an swap batteries from the working strobe. You are just eliminating possible issues until you decide that strobe is dead. Then since you are on Grand Caymen head to the camera shop as there are at least two there and rent or buy or beg for another strobe.
  3. Photos are great but Are these type 3 ports or type 4 ports-type 4 ports are 3 3/4 inch ID inside dimension Type 3 are lesser ID What are the prices as well?
  4. Are these type 3 ports or type 4 ports-type 4 ports are 3 3/4 inch ID inside dimensionType 3 are lesser ID whats are the prices as well?
  5. Nikon D800 for me in a subal housing-best setup I have had yet-downside its large and heavy . I like the full frame-I still have a few D300's and a subal housing for them-its a lot lighter and smaller setup-Thats the best reason for a d500 setup.Its lighter by far
  6. Alex is the The Zen 180  for subal about the same as the Zen 170 . I could not find any info on the 180 so maybe you meant the 170?I'm looking for less curved dome than the zen 100 but smaller than my Subal DP_FE4

    You mentioned in my post about the 180 which

    I already have a Subal DP-FE4 the big port.

    I have the Subal port 4 system now.

    1. Alex_Mustard


      Yeah - 170 - my mistake. Sorry. Alex


  7. I have a Zen 100 but I'm looking for a less curved dome port Alex is the 180 a less curved port? than the 100?
  8. I have a spare never used new in box Ikelite TTL converter for Nikon. I bought it one year ago.Its a #4301.3 You can switch it manual or auto by the twist of a nob. It has Ikelite fittings on both ends and also comes with cord caps-Its never been used at all.They run for $350 from Ike- asking $175 1/2 price .Seems fair shipping is flat rate at 10$ Need one?? they have come out with a newer version thats just a bit smaller but does all the same functions also for $350 these work really well for one or two Ikelite strobes I have not yet put this on e-bay but will soon Thanks for looking Mark
  9. Some one must have one laying around. I have the 9inch done and a 4 inch dome and would like this medium size 8 inch dome port. A DP-230 would also work if you have one? thanks Mark
  10. You have one seting around?? Looking for this as they are not easy to come by anymore. I have a Subal housing and want to use some Nauticam domes Thanks Mark
  11. I may still have these -At one time I had all the products they made as I was friends with the companies founder at one time-I did some R&R for them. I need a few days to check-I know I have longer ones for sure. What are you offering for two of them??
  12. Dee Thanks for that I reached out to them. I have a fellow in Italy who is restoring one of these old housing and these parts are for him-I'm just helping out -it not a economic thing-I'm just helping out as I had some of these parts and friend gave me the rest.-The shipping alone to Italy is more than any parts are worth and these are very old parts. I got him some aperature and focus gears for a few lens and a new moisture alarm and a speed cap for the camera top.Long ago I two of thes e setups and I sold them in the 80's myself as a distributor. ASt that time these where state of the art.
  13. I have found all the other parts that I needed and am short this one still. A Saddle illuminator for the Nikon F3 ​anyone have this part from the olds days? Mark
  14. Any luck FlaFrog on that finding the light saddle? Mark
  15. Hey I found your post -that took me a awhile. yes I'm gathering some stuff for you Mark
  16. I need a few parts for a older 1980's Aquatica 3 housing for nikon F3 cameras-film I need the speed knob for camera top and an Saddle illuminator for f stop viewing any gears would also be good. Anyone have one laying around?? Mark
  17. onokai

    Kit Items Value

    I suggest looking on ebay as they are very commonly priced out there.
  18. The adaptors fit type 4 and turn them into type 3s only
  19. onokai

    Kit Items Value

    Are these 3s or 4s? The threes are all over e-bay-the 4s are more $ and are less available
  20. Looking for a Seacam (larger hole) to Nauticam (smaller hole) conversion piece for my custom Subal housing back.Which has a Seacam eyepiece hole . I'm trying to fit a Nauticam eyepiece. I do not know if these are even commercially made-but if you have one I'd like to buy it.Or maybe a person who can make one if have a source? Mark
  21. I'm interested in the dual cord. Mark
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